Megacorp Civic: Production Giant

stellaris 8 - Megacorp Civic: Production Giant

The production giant would be a type of civic that in short increases production. It requires the materialist ethic. The main changes from a normal megacorp are:

The commercial pact is replaced with the Production Licence The production licence will allow you to build in other empires and receive a fraction of the items produced, while also costing a fraction of the energy to upkeep. It will also increase relations and give a small amount of influence. Over time it can be upgraded, an upgraded licence will allow you to build on the empires planets, however the buildings you build can be destroyed by them at any time. If an empire fails to upkeep their part of the cost, it will be fully owned by the other empire after a certain amount of time. You cannot declare war with an empire you have a Production Licence with.

New type of licence, The Commission The Commission is a licence to build a certain number of mining stations, buildings or ships for another empire. This can be sent by another empire or requested by you. Instead of being co-owned by both empires, once the commission is complete all ships/mining stations/buildings will cede to the empire you are commissioning. Finishing a commission will give you a certain reward and a relations boost. Commissions have to be completed in a given time. If nothing has been built for that certain empire they will have decreased relations. If you have built some but not all, you get a less negative relations impact and the things you have built cede to them. An empire can only commission ships if you have a Production Licence with them.


New Events: War Profiteering. During Larger wars, The War In Heaven, and Crises along with getting more ship commissions you also can get an event called war profiteering, which gives a huge commission from one or both sides of the war. If you get the event during a non-crises war and accept while being a pacifist, you get negative happiness, the opposite for militarist. If you accepted the event during a crises and your galaxy wins, you get improved relations with most empires.

Land of Factories: Instead of getting an increase to admin cap like other Megacorps, The Production Giant gets an increase to production and constriction ships get a speed multiplier the bigger they get, however once you go over admin cap it does the opposite of this.


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