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stellaris 1 - MegaCorp improvements

Due to lack of access to my PC, I haven't been able to play MegaCorp myself, but I have spent a lot of (too much) time reading through reddit and the Paradox forums. As far as I understand, MegaCorps suffer from a lack of depth and some implementation choices ruin the actual spirit of having different MegaCorps competing with each other. In this post, I'd like to summarize various ideas and suggestions that I have found and add my own thoughts to them.

A. Hide Criminal Syndicates

Currently, all it takes do determine if a MegaCorp is a criminal syndicate is taking a look at their diplomacy screen. This simply doesn't feel right for criminal MegaCorps trying to cripple their targets while staying in the shadows.

I would suggest hiding the true nature of criminal syndicates. This should also extend to hiding their branch offices until the their targets have logical means of detecting them. In my opinion, criminal branch offices should remain hidden until the crime of their planet reaches a certain treshold. The presence of military or law enforcement could increase the chance of uncovering a syndicate's branch office.

Once a criminal branch office has been reveleaed, the targeted nation should have an edict to determine which MegaCorp the office belongs to. This would in return open up diplomatic means of removing it and uncover the MegaCorp's true nature to the nation.

B. Multiple Branch Offices per planet

To add more depth to infighting between MegaCorps, it should be possible for more than one MegaCorp to open a branch office on any given planet.

Subsequent branch offices should have reduced returns, such that the benefits of having multiple MegaCorps on your planets don't spiral out of control.

It also should be possible for both the owner of the planet as well as the involved MegaCorps to increase/reduce the influence of any given branch office on a planet. This would allow for actual economic/diplomatic fights for power between MegaCorps and their related nations. One option would be for the planet's owner to introduce taxes or subsidies for different branch offices. Thus, MegaCorps and their hosts could enter into true symbiotic or parasitic relationships.

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C. Closing Branch Offices


As of right now, closing branch offices can be a hassle. Branch offices of criminal syndicates are the only ones that can be closed peacefully. To do so, you must reduce the crime on the office's planet to 0. After some time an event should pop up and the branch office closes. While this is a sensible path for closing this kind of branch office, having outright war as the only option for all other kinds of branch office doesn't feel right and simply forces you into a certain playstyle you may not want.

Thus, this section outlines 3 alternative ways of getting rid of your wanna be corporate overlords.

  1. Demand closure of branch offices

Instead of having the host declare war, the host should be able to demand closure of the offices first, giving the MegaCorp the option to retreat peacefully. If the MegaCorp accepts, all of its branch offices would be destroyed and it would recoup part of its losses by being able to liquidated the office. If it declines, the host would gain an additional CB with reduced costs to remove any involved branch offices.

  1. Reposess branch offices

As alternative to demanding closure, hosts should also be able to simply reposess branch offices by force without starting a war. Reposession should only be possible if the branch office has not reached a certain size/age in relation to the law enforcement or military present on the planet. This would neatly tie into the suggestion B. Reposession should also take some time and cost both influence and money. The MegaCorp would immediately gain a CB to prevent the reposession from taking place. Once the process has finished, the MegaCorp would end up with nothing but a CB to reestablish the office.

Also, while the reposession takes place, MegaCorps should be able to prolong/stop the progress using various edicts. Especially religious and criminal MegaCorps could start radicalizing to dig their heals in and increase the price of the eviction.

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  1. Buy out branch offices

As part of the system proposed in B, there should be an option to outright buy out an entire branch office. The cost should relate to the branch office's value and be transferred directly to the MegaCorp. Depending on the kind of MegaCorp this could either result in positive or negative opinion modifiers.

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