Megacorp: Or, How I Made a Fortune Buying Back My Own People

stellaris 3 - Megacorp: Or, How I Made a Fortune Buying Back My Own People

So my fanatic pacifist Budgie MegaChurch is having a very quiet midgame. My three immediate neighbors are also my allies, and I have a very solid income coming in from my three, well-developed planets in my tiny tall empire. Between those planets, I have about 150 pops.

My first arcology is almost finished, and I have several migration pacts going on with my neighbors and allies, including a fanatic egalitarian/xenophobe empire and an authoritarian/xenophobic/spiritualist empire. This alliance has been stable for over fifty years, and though it's not a federation, each member is also allied with each other, including mutual migration pacts. I of course have commerce pacts with them all, and company branches on their worlds.

Then I get a notification I've never seen before that tells me that a pop of my species is for sale on the Slave Market! So I buy him back, assuming it was some emigrant that ended up on a planet that got conquered or something. While I'm there, I buy several more pops, setting them free on my agriculture planet. The market rips you off if you buy slaves to set them free so each pop is 1k+ energy, but I have no shortage of trade income so it's no big deal.

Then another notification tells me one of my corporate buildings have been ruined, on a planet owned by egalitarian xenophobes. It was destroyed because the population on that planet dropped below 25. It starts clicking, lol. I tested it by checking the pops of my two xenophobe allies, buying someone off the market, and checking again. Sure enough, these two as*holes are literally running the entire slave market by themselves. Every time I bought a slave from the market, either one or the other would lose a pop. They were literally enslaving pops who migrated from my worlds to theirs.


So of course, I immediately terminate the migration pacts with my "allies". While I'm there I buy some more slaves. To get more cash, I sell off some excess food. That's when I noticed that food and minerals are each selling for more than three credits each.

As it turns out, the slaver empires were making a killing selling slaves on the market to me, and to feed the slave market (me) they were basically selling off their entire worker-tier labor force. They were literally running out of people to work the mines and farms, so they would turn around and take the money I was giving them for slaves, and use it to buy the food and minerals those slaves were no longer producing at highly inflated prices off the Galactic Market.

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Talk about a business opportunity. I immediately began buying every slave I could get my hands on and immediately putting them to work in an Arcology cubicle or a mine/farm, then gouging the slavers by selling my now-massive mineral and food output to them at criminal prices on the Galactic Market.

Within 8 years, my population had doubled from 150 to 300. All of my core worlds are full, and my arcology isn't able to build districts fast enough to house all of the slaves I'm freeing. I had to put Resource Silos on all of my starbases just to hold the credits I've made. The supply of slaves on the market eventually slowed to a trickle because the slavers literally couldn't afford to keep selling them to me.

TL;DR: I literally doubled my population & got rich by bankrupting slavers by buying my own enslaved people back from them, putting those pops to work, and then overcharging slavers for the food and minerals the slaves were no longer producing for them. It's the Megacorp dream.

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