Megacorporation Civics from the Twitch stream

stellaris 7 - Megacorporation Civics from the Twitch stream

So going through the Twitch stream slowly after work today I noticed the detailed text of a few more civics that weren't identified before. Important to note that none of these numbers are final.

The Authority:

Corporate Holds an election every 20 years to select a new ruler

EMPIRE MODIFIER * Administrative Cap +30 * Empire Size Penalty +100% * Something else that I can't see

The Civic List:

Criminal Heritage This Megacorporation can trace its origins back to a crime syndicate that eventually grew powerful enough to supplant all forms of local government.

EFFECTS: * Cannot form Commercial pacts * Can build Branch Offices on the planet of any regular empire they have no war or active truce with * Crime on Branch Office Planets increase Branch Office Value * Can build special Crime increasing Corporate Buildings

Gospel of the Masses This Megacorporation embraces a curious blend of commercial and spiritualistic values, in which the positions of ordained minister and corporate office have merged into a single role.

EFFECTS * Spiritualist Pops have additional Trade Value on all Planets and Branch Offices * Can build Temple of Prosperity Corporate Building * Spiritualist Ethics Attraction: +50%

Franchising This Megacorporation relies heavily on franchising. Subsidiaries share a greater cut of their profits with their corporate overlord, in exchange for a license to market their goods under established brands.

EFFECTS * The effects of Subsidiary Subject Power on relations is reduced by 33% * The impact of Branch Offices on our Empire Size is decreased by 25%

Private Military Companies This Megacorporation has a large number of powerful private military companies on its payroll. These mercenary contractors augment its ground forces.

EFFECTS * Army Damage +20% * Army Upkeep -20% Requires some degree of Militarist

Trading Posts Good business is where you find it. This Megacorporation has a long tradition of spreading its influence through the establishment on (misspelled in tooltip, unplayable!) trading posts. Their starbases are busy centers of Trade

EFFECTS * Starbase Capacity +4

Free Traders The trading fleets of this Megacorporation are bolstered by semi-independent free traders operating under license.

EFFECTS * Trade Value +10% * Branch Office Value +10%

Brand Loyalty This Megacorporation has fostered a great sense of brand loyalty among its internal consumer base. Its catchy corporate slogans can be recited by nearly everyone.

EFFECTS * Monthly Unity +15%


Ruthless Competition All levels of society in this Megacorporation are constantly vying with each other in ruthless competition. It's a dog-eat-dog world.

EFFECTS * Leader Level Cap +1 * Leader Experience Gain +10%

Naval Contractors This Megacorporation relies on several semi-independent naval contractors to increase its fleet size. Competing for bids, the contractors are always struggling to outperform one another.

EFFECTS * Naval Capacity +15%

Private Prospectors Building better worlds is hazardous work, but this Megacorporation relies on private prospectors to chart and establish footholds on promising planets

EFFECTS * Unlocks Ship Type: Private Colony Ship * Administrative Cap +20

Media Conglomerate Before branching into other fields, this Megacorporation began its rise to fortune as a media conglomerate. Its PR department are still masters of spinning stories and presenting the latest quarterly report in the most advantageous way.

EFFECTS * War Exhaustion Gain -5% * Citizen Pop Happiness +5%

Indentured Assets This Megacorporation specializes in large indentured workforces. It has little to do with the barbaric practice of slavery – these workers are merely paying off their debts…indefinitely.

EFFECTS * Slave Output +10% * Enslaved Pop Ratio 40% * Requires some degree of Authoritarian


Concealed Drug Lab A subterranean drug lab in a remote region that is virtually undetectable from the surface. Chemists work day and night here produce various illegal, highly addictive and quite lucrative narcotics

EFFECTS * Crime +10% * Trade value +5

Smuggler's Port An unauthorized spaceport that in the records thanks to secrecy and generous bribes. large volumes of illegal cargo passes through here every day

EFFECTS * Trade Value +10%

Priate Free Haven A secluded and hidden city on the planet's surface, where pirates and other lowlifes can congregate to repair their ships and trade stories

EFFECTS * Navel Capacity +10 * Army Starting Experience +100 * Crime +15

Executive Retreat A luxurious resort complex for high ranking corporate officers. Here they can sample the local planetary culture in a high security environment

EFFECTS * Amenities +10% * Trade Value +10%

Wrecking Yards Provides alloys

EFFECTS * Crime +10 * Trade Value +5

Underground Clubs * Crime +15 * Amentities +10


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