Megastructure build limits need a rework.

stellaris 2 - Megastructure build limits need a rework.

Problem: Right now, there is a limit to the amount of mega-structures that can be built simultaneously and it's problematic for both resource management (influence in particular) and for role-play.

I feel less frustrated about megastructure build limits since MegaCorp tweaked their effects to have empire modifiers instead of just flat values, but right now we are still limited to building one structure at a time. This is very frustrating for ring-worlds in particular since it takes a seemingly ridiculous amount of time to even just fix the Cybrex ringworld, let alone build your own, or even just build two habitats in the same system simultaneously. Generally my feeling is that if you are far enough into the game that you can field the material and influence costs to build multiple megastructures simultaneously, then you should be able to do so. As it stands, if I don't run mods, then my games invariably end with nearly constantly sitting at my influence cap with nowhere to spend it. I understand though that it is a balancing decision to prevent extraordinarily fast advancement so here's my suggestion.

Solution: Lock another tech behind the Master Builders ascension perk that removes these limits.

I would even be happy to totally replace the build-speed bonus with the removal of this restriction. Ultimately it would serve to give me more ways to use my late-game influence that I often struggle to find ways to use since I could just start another habitat or ringworld or Dyson sphere or whatever, but without changing my overall already quite large alloy cost. Locking it behind the ascension perk is useful for a few reasons.

  • Balancing: The rapid advancement that megastructures give is still partially limited by influence costs, but now the limitation is influence and the way I run my empire, rather than some arbitrary mechanical restriction. The old limits still exist, so the present choice to have them as a reasonable balancing thing is still in the game, but they are now avoidable and make the presently underwhelming Master Builders a more viable choice even if you don't take Voidborne too.
  • Ascension: By extension, it makes megastructural engineering effectively another kind of ascension route, along side synthetic evolution, transcendence, or evolutionary mastery with a soft exclusion of the other options since the ascension slots are occupied; this solution still forces me as a player to make an important choice about my ascension picks.
  • Immersion: The in-game textual explanation for the present limitation is that megastructures take a huge amount of manpower that could can only be spared for one project at a time. The notion that an empire that prides itself in being masters of such things still don't have enough manpower to work on two projects simultaneously seems pretty ridiculous to me. But changing that to allowing the construction of more than one project, but only for master builders, would make this a more palatable explanation.

Tl;dr rework the master builders ascension perk to let us remove or at least relax the megastructure build limit cause it's better that way.

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