Megastructure Idea:

stellaris 6 - Megastructure Idea:

I have several idea of odd megastructure, which is not very good by itself (I guess no one would build them if they are playing seriously, but it is good to play around.)

  • Interdimensional Portal:

    • Tech requirement: Matter Disintegration, Space-Time Theory, Mega-Engineering.
    • Can only be built outside gravity well (like Gateway), and the system must not have an inactive Interdimensional Portal.
    • Will have 4 stage, each cost 5000 alloy and last 10 years to upgrade, with 50/100/150/200 energy and physic research upkeep, and the final stage (Activation) will cost 50000 energy, 1000 influence, and 10 days.
    • Upon activation, within 6 month, the Unbidden will spawn from the Portal, and the megastructure will transform into an Inactive Portal.
    • If the Unbidden already exist, then you can't active the Portal until the Dimensional Portal is closed.
    • Empire who start builing the Portal gain -200 opinion, active portal gain -1000 from everyone else in the galaxy, with 5 decay every years. The summoned crisis gain additional 100% bonus in damage, hull and shield with each inactive Interdimensional Portal in the galaxy, and +100% damage toward everyone else in the galaxy, except the summoner.
  • Scourge Beacon:

    • Tech requirement: Scourge Missile, Scourge Spawning Pools, Secret of Life, Mega-Engineering.
    • Can only be built at the edge of the galaxy, outside of gravity well, and in system that have no active Scourge Beacon.
    • Will have 4 stage, each cost 5000 alloy, 3600 days, have 50/100/150/200 energy and society research upkeep, and the final activation cost 50000 energy and 1000 influence, and 10 days.
    • Upon activation, within 6 month, the Prethoryn Scourge will arrive with the Beacon as the center system, and the megastructure will deactivate, no longer cost any upkeep. The summoned Prethoryn will have additional 100% shield, armor, damage with each inactive Beacon in the galaxy, , and +100% damage with everyone except the summoner.
    • Start building the Beacon will gain -200 opinion, and active it will gain -1000 opinion from everyone else, with 5 decay each years.
  • AI World Assembly:

    • Tech requirement: Synthetic, Mega-Engineering, completed the project Block the Ghost Signal or Synth Detection Method.
    • Can only be built in orbit of a planet without inactive AI World Assembly, in a system that don't have another active AI World Assembly.
    • Have 4 stage, each cost 5000 alloy and 2500 days to upgrade and 50/100/150/200 in both energy and engineering research upkeep. The activation step will cost 20000 energy, 20000 alloy, 1000 influence, and 3600 days, transform the megastructure into an Inactive AI World Assembly that cost no upkeep.
    • Upon activation, the planet will transform into an AI World, spawn standard Contigency fleets and transmit Ghost Signal, with strength propotional to the amount of AI World in the galaxy.. They will have +100% bonus in shield, armor, hull and damage with each inactive AI World Assembly in the galaxy, and +100% bonus damage toward everyone except the summoner.
    • Cannot build or upgrade the AI World Assembly if there is already 5 AI World in the galaxy (count the hidden system that contain the final AI World, if it has not been discovered).
    • Start building will gain -200 opinion, activating succesfully will gain -1000 opinion from everyone, with decay of 5 per years.

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