Megastructures – how an old problem still rings true

stellaris 7 - Megastructures - how an old problem still rings true

Even back before 2.2, megastructures were kinda niche.

Science nexus rush was pretty OP, Dyson Spheres could sometimes be good and ringworlds were nice for expansions, but it came with a huge drawback.

If you can afford to build megastructures, you've probably already won.

This is further amplified by the insanely overpowered Arcology/Hive/Machine worlds.

So, what's the solution? This is a bit subjective, but this is how I would probably do it.

Drastically reduce the number of needed ascension perks

Change habitats to a technology, make mega-engineering no longer rare and reduce the cost of it and make master builders let you build megastructures simultaneously. That compresses (reasonably) megastructures to two perks – one of which is optional. Unlike now, where you need to take all 3 to have a chance of reasonably building them in a decent time.


That would likely fix the issue of megastructures popping up too late and the frustration of only being able to build one at a time. But it doesn't fix the main issue, which is that they are excessively costly and take too long. My proposed solution is a tiny minimum build time (maybe less than a year), and a total build time that entirely depends on how many alloys/month you pump into it.

Even if my solutions aren't perfect, there absolutely needs to be an overhaul to megastructures if they are to not be totally overshadowed by other new features in 2.2

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