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stellaris 7 - Merging Subspecies

I’m currently playing a rather interesting campaign. My empire was established by a species of environmentally-minded locusts that, RP-wise, brought their planet from the brink of self made collapse before reaching for the stars. They are fanatically peaceful and egalitarian, and basically want to help other species avoid catastrophe, specifically pre-FTL civilizations that are confined to their home planets. Gameplay-wise, they are life-shapers focused on engineering evolution (so they can reduce their footprint on the natural world and still live productive lives, and to restore the lost biodiversity to their homeworld), ultimately want to be able to create Gaia planets (so all life, from everywhere, can live in harmony) and build habitats and ring worlds (so they can live somewhere they have as little impact as possible on the environment). They don’t mind altering nature, as long as the change is entirely positive.

So far, things have been working exceptionally well. Early into the gameplay, I was able to stop an atomic age civilization from wiping itself out, enlightening them and later welcoming them into the empire. I was also able to enlighten another civilization, this one early into the Industrial Age, before they could do irreversible damage to their biosphere, also incorporating them later. Two other, earlier primitives were also enlightened and brought into the fold, with a fifth one in the process of indoctrination (they are currently fanatic xenophobes). I was also able to find a ruined ring world nearby, and I expanded quite a bit.


Early into the 2300s, I stumbled upon the Worm-in-Waiting event chain. This fit perfectly into my roleplaying. What was will be, what will be once was. My species brought their world back from the brink, and it would bring it back again. Awesome! The result of the chain was quite cinematic as well, my empire spawned in a Trinary II star system (on purpose, the stars are referred to as the Three Brothers by my species), with a sun-like star, a red-dwarf and a brown dwarf. The home planet orbits the sun-like, but the Worm chose the BROWN DWARF to turn into a black hole! So my planet still has a source of warmth and light, a close but sure dim companion AND the love of the Worm. What’s best, this ended up making something like 7 tomb worlds I have yet to colonize and purify. Best possible result!

However, at the same time, I started having problems with some rebellious AI. When I was nearing the end of the Worm’s questline, a full-blown machine uprising broke out! I took some time to put it down, but did so without much problem. Thing is, the RNG spawned a DA AI. Which is awesome! Lots of my pops were turned into cyborgs, which also plays into the vision of my empire: if technology helps preserve nature, it is to be embraced, not shunned.

The thing is… The DA rebels never managed to take my capital. So now I’m left with two incompatible subspecies: one with Tomb World preference, the other with implanted cybernetics. With, I believe, no way to merge back into a single species! I’m playing Ironman, and have only Utopia, Synthetic Dawn and Leviathans. Do I have any hope? 😕

(Note to self: I NEED to write down an AAR after I finish this campaign!)

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