Microcosmic Season 1.1 part 2

stellaris 1 - Microcosmic Season 1.1 part 2

Humanity's rise into the stars thus far has been a mixed bag. The fate of the Persea and the mysteries of the Yuht discouraged us, yet we are now certain we aren't alone in the void. We will survive. We will make allies among the stars. We will create a paradise for our people. The human will will show to that.

2203 AD -Diaz has called in two enigmatic spacefarers in Tau Scorpii, another foreign science vessel and a herd of four seemingly organic and docile star creatures. Investigations are being prepped for both.

-Humanity has officially constructed a research or mining station above every planet with sufficient resources in the Sol system. The UNS Yangtze makes for Iota Zarriah.

-The first terraforming candidate outside of Sol has been found. The moon Psi Hydri Va has a mixture of toxic gases in the atmosphere, but it has oceans of ammonia that have developed simple life forms. With an atmospheric purifier, future terraforming may be possible.

-We've made first contact with another sentient spacefaring empire. They are the Honored Kotan Bloodlines. They are democratic, but suspicious of aliens and quite militaristic. Their first message to us was courteous but guarded. They inhabit the oasis planet of Gasta in their home system Lampra. The populace is overjoyed, and analysts are trying to conclude whether they could be allies in the future. Research into the science ship transmissions we received in Tau Scorpii can finally begin.

-Psi Hydri II has been discovered to be Ag, the homeworld of the Raa Doo, a renaissance age primitive civilization. They are democratic, but extremely factional. The nations are constantly suspicious of each other and immigrants are often kept under heavy surveillance. Integrating them may be a challenge.

-The Human Genome has been fully mapped, and simple gene correction surgeries are being implemented, making much more of the population more productive. Simple nanomechanics have also been researched, freeing up many more engineers for research tasks rather than industrial development.

-Iota Zarriah has been claimed. This is a grand landmark for the UNE. A colony ship is being prepared to set up a permanent home on the habitat in system, and the Yangtze construction ship heads for Alleipho to try and claim the strategic chokepoint.

-The Expansion initiative has been introduced. This plan is focused around quickly colonizing and claiming the space around us in the stars. The UN declares in necessary to claim new stars and worlds if we want to grow the economy and prospects of the UNE.

-Rudimentary AI has been developed. These thinking computers are expected to aid research immensely across the board. In other news, two exotic resources have been discovered that we cannot yet use but may prove valuable in the future. Exotic gases have been discovered in Tau Scorpii, and crystals with advanced focusing potential have been found in Sol.

2204 AD

-The exploration of the damaged fleet debris above Alleipho III is complete. Uesugi has gotten some on-the-job experience, and we've gotten a significant boost in engineering knowledge from the wrecks. Uesugi recommends building a permanent orbital research station. Approval pending.

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-We've discovered a species close to developing intelligence on Psi Hydri VIa. We could potentially uplift them into sentience given the right technology.

-We've finished testing of Geothermal fracturing. The plans for the fracking devices are being sent out for widespread use, and are expected to drastically increase planetside mineral output.

-We've been beaten to Alleipho by the HKB (Honored Kotan Bloodlines.) While a setback, it is not a major issue. We still have plenty of room and the HKB have shown no ill will towards us. UN will not consider military action at this time. Yangtze redirected to Muniandi.

-The Habitable worlds survey has been completed. It's made our understanding of how to adapt to hostile environments greater, and is expected to save many lives in the future. Our biodiversity studies have also concluded, and in combination they are likely to increase our sociologists' productivity.


-Zero-g refinery advancements are expected to make spaceborn mining much more productive. The Millennium Navy is upgrading its ships with the coilguns we stockpiled and reactor boosters to increase ship speed. Luis Solano has been recruited to lead the retrofitted navy.

  • The Einstein reports that Rars-Ka appears to already be inhabited. Another comms survey is being put together to contact the operators of the system's stations.

-The Kepler has entered the Gargantua black hole system and found two unexpected objects. The first appears to be a semistable wormhole to some other location in the galaxy. We may be able to stabilize it in the distant future. The second is a perfectly spherical metal orb sending and receiving no signals. Further investigation into both is being debated.

-Zero Gravity laboratories have been standardized so that scientists can experiment more effectively on our spaceborn research stations. Faster research expected as a result.

-Muniandi has been claimed by the Yangtze. Elpis may yet be the place of a second colony for the UNE, as its possible food output is high.

2205 AD

-We've established comms with a second spacefaring nation- the Consortial Guilds of Nirm-Sa-Gand (CGN for short.) They inhabit three planets currently and prefer cascadian worlds. They are more passionate about finding alien life than we are, but are of the mentality that the state trumps the people. Initial alliance probabilities are promising, as they have agreed to non-aggression pacts, trade agreements, and research agreements. However, there is one downside. They've claimed Tau Scorpii. We are quickly being backed into a galactic corner.

-The Kepler has found possible artificial structure remains on a seemingly molten planet. Investigation has begun into who built it and how it endured for so long.

-Suitable environment simulation has also been implemented across the planet and is expected to massively increase food output. Ceramo-metal armor has finished testing and is immediately being shipped out to the fleet.

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-We've encountered the Vol Staarg Brethren Council, who are aggressive, suspicious, very technology focused, and infatuated with any metal. They inhabit three planets including an orbital gas giant colony, and prefer tidally-locked worlds. Chances of successful alliance low.

-The Yangtze has stopped development in Muniandi to claim Tuban before the CGN can. it may anger them, but we need the little space we can get in our cluster, and it should reduce border issues long-term.

-Hydroponic farms for use in hostile environments completed. UN looking into placing a self-sufficiency farm aboard each of our stations to decrease outside resource reliance.

-A new, large interstellar trading complex is being constructed on Earth to hopefully facilitate more economic prosperity.

-The mysterious structure on Cytu II has turned out to be a long lost mining colony of a mammalian race quite not too different from our own. Apparently the colony was almost exterminated by a civil war just before reaching the ore seam that facilitated its creation.

-Fusion reactors have finished initial testing with flying colors. They're expected to increase energy efficiency substantially throughout the empire, and the fleet has ordered an upgrade already.

-Our colony Ship is complete, and has begun flying to the habitat in Iota Zarriah. Administrative control of the colony has gone to Luxembourg for providing 87% of the resources required to build the colony ship, at the cost of nearly a third of their annual GDP.

Humanity has moved forward. Our first colonists are en route to set up a new home. We have potentially found our first friend in the cosmos. Though we may be hemmed in, we will prosper, and if any should try to snuff out Humanity's light, it will burn them. We are determined to make our own path in the stars.

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