Micromanaging stuff takes up too much time in a game supposedly about building a space empire

stellaris 7 - Micromanaging stuff takes up too much time in a game supposedly about building a space empire

Past the early game, the game gets bogged down into micromanaging planets rather than actually doing anything related to a ruling space empire. Its like playing, I don't know, one of paradox's other games like Hearts of Iron except that you have to micro manage the buildings in every province.

Its OK at the start when you have just 1-3 planets but once you reach 10 or more productive planets, having to constantly pause and make sure housing/pop is balanced and upgrading buildings takes forever. I find myself constantly checking the panel on the right to make sure there are no planets that need housing/jobs…and if domestic droids are available, I have to check each planet individually to make sure that the extra droids arent wasting their time as servants. Constantly pausing to balance housing/pops is pretty much 80-90% of the mid game for me.

Another problem is the research, you cant queue research at all, so once your tech output gets high enough to the point where you can research stuff in 8 months or less, you are constantly pausing to open the research screen and pick a research again. And when you have to research repeatables, its just constant pausing to pick the next repeatable. Over and Over and Over…

Even micromanaging ships is annoying…i know you can queue orders with shift, but theres a limit to it. If you are expanding, you can get a constructor to build a starbase, but then you have to babysit it to get it to build mining stations afterwards, because you cant queue the stations after the starbase, you have to wait till the starbase is completed first.

Want to get a science ship to assist research on a plaent? You have to zoom in to the system screen and manually click the planet. Cant do it from the galaxy screen as far as I can tell.

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Want to land troops on a planet? Same deal, have to babysit the transports, cant do it from the galaxy screen. Same deal with moving ships into orbit to bombard a planet too.

Leaders dying? Yup you guessed it, have to micromanage their replacements too.

To top it off, this is the first paradox game that I have seen where they dont allow you to customize the auto-pause feature…so its VERY easy to miss stuff happening with the icon spam at the top.

For example, in other paradox games, you could get it to auto-pause when enemies are detected heading to one of your provinces or whatever…cant do that in Stellaris, all you get is a tiny icon at the icon that is easy to miss among all the clutter. I keep missing all kinds of little stuff…like when an AI wants to give me a gift, because the small icon at the top with no pop up is easy to miss.

It's especially annoying when you have an election and you miss the icon at the top, and a random leader gets elected. Huge incentive to play gestalt or feudal just to avoid dealing with elections.

The fleet reinforcement feature is the one thing that I dont need to micromanage. If only the rest of the game had features like that. Theres an emigration feature, but it doesnt seem to actually move excess pops from one planet to the other…it just serves as very minor pop growth modifiers. Sure, I may have 50k+ credits, but having to constantly pause to resettle pops manually is really tiring. I would rather just setup an auto resettle thing…or have the emigration do it automatically.

I dont suppose there are any mods that improve the micromanagement aspect?

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