Hive minds are boring, I'm just going to say it. I don't mean the idea of a single mind possessing a multitude of bodies, I mean that the implementation of hive minds in Stellaris need more work. There is a lot of untapped potential here.

Gestalt Consciousness is truly a novel concept that has yet to have it's full potential explored, not just in Stellaris, but in general. A hive mind doesn't have to just be a legion of mindless space Communists; collective consciousness can mean so many potential things. Here is a list of some possible civics we could see to add diversity. Feel free to add your own if you have any ideas, lets hope that Paradox finds this and takes our ideas to heart!

  1. Psionic Origins

This hive mind originated as a civilization of highly potent psionics who's deep spiritual connection to each other's wills eventually overcame their own sense of individuality, either by some intent or by accident, and formed a collective consciousness through the power of the shroud. Allows for psionic hive-minded pops, opinion bonus for Spiritualist empires.

  1. Cybernetic Mind Link

This hive mind came to be by means of advanced cybernetics which artificially linked the minds of it's users who were equipped with the implants either willingly or by force at one point in their history. All future generations are implanted at birth to ensure the integrity of the mind. All pops begin as cybernetic, opinion bonus for Materialist empires. (Unlike Driven Assimilator, there is no fixed play-style which demands the assimilation of aliens pops)


  1. Amalgamation Compulsion

This hive mind possesses an innate, biological ability to manipulate the minds of other sentient species and integrate them into the mind. Begins the game with a second, subjugated species of mindless drones. (Functions basically as Driven Assimilators, minus the cyborg qualities)

  1. Symbiosis

This hive mind has survived on it's home world by means of mutually beneficial cooperation with many of the native plant and animal species available. Has diplomatic bonuses with other empires and possesses the infrastructure necessary to house foreign populations from migration treaties. Hive-minded drones on the worlds of other empires become comatose and die when foreign relations break down such that the drones can no longer freely commune with the Mind back on their own worlds.

  1. Life Bringers

Natural terraformers, basically.

  1. Inquisitive Intelligence (Government Type)

This is a hive mind government type that arises as a result of picking the civics "Natural Neural Network" or "Pooled Knowledge" unless Devouring Swarm or Psionic Origins is taken (as Spiritualists are less interested in the material plane in favor of the shroud). Comes with the AI personality "Curious Collective" which functions similarly to Erudite Explorers.

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