Mod Idea: A Dying Universe.

stellaris 8 - Mod Idea: A Dying Universe.

Your species and civilization has come into being at an inopportune time. The Universe approaches its death, with only the empty void remaining. How will your Empire function and thrive, with resources and places to live becoming ever rarer?

A mod idea I had. Now, mind you, I have literally no idea how to mod this game, but I figured I'd document my ideas here and see what others think.

Star Generation: The massive, fast burning stars are all gone, detonated millennia ago into the stellar remnants of Black Holes, Neutron Stars, and Pulsars. The only "normal" stars that remain are the small and ancient M-Type Red Dwarfs. The larger stars, such as the G-Type star we call the Sun, have all burned down into either White or Black Dwarfs. White Dwarfs would still have the potential for normal habitation around them, with them slowly radiating away their remaining heat for millennia. Black Dwarfs, however, are functionally dead. Colonization through standard means is effectively impossible, without advanced technology to replicate the missing star.

TLDR: Black Holes, Neutron Stars, and Pulsars are much more common. Red, White, Black Dwarfs are also very common.

Resources: The Universe is old, and you are by no means the first civilization. Ancient, long dead Empires have long ago combed the Galaxy for its resources. In effect, Minerals and Strategic Resources become incredibly rare. Advanced Material Replication technology would be needed to produce Minerals on a large scale, with the potential to artificially replicate Strategic Resources at a high cost.

TLDR: Resources are rare. Advanced technology can fix that.


Habitation: Much of the habitable planets of old are dead, picked apart for resources, or torn asunder when their host Stars died. The remaining worlds are hostile worlds, dealing with various forces affecting their habitability and size could be rectified with certain technology. For example, most habitable planets around M-Type stars would be tidally locked, in effect reducing the usable size of the planet until the ability to properly heat or cool the opposite sides of the planet are available.

TLDR: Planets are harder to work with. Tech and resource investment can help with that.

Abandoned Structures: The remnants of civilizations past are scattered across the Galaxy. From simply abandoned mining and research facilities, to ancient and powerful Megastructures. These can be claimed by your Empire, to help push back your inevitable collapse.

Megastructures: Various new Megastructures can help your species survive.

  • Penrose Sphere: A set of massive mirrors built around a Black Hole, harvesting its rotational energy. Its energy can be used to help support living space on or around the Sphere. Can be modified to use all of its power output to create Minerals.
  • Pulsar Radio Harvester: A structure built around a Pulsar, converting its radio waves into usable energy. Can be modified to use all of its power output to create Minerals.
  • Tidal Lock Inverter: Built around planets that are tidally locked, it uses advanced gravity control systems to force the planets to properly spin.
  • Stellar Ignition System: A massive, incredibly expensive structure built around a White Dwarf. When activated, it can reactivate the fusion processes inside the Star, reigniting it into a livable Solar System.

Please, if you have any other ideas to add to the list, let me know! And any actual tips on adding any of this would also be very appreciated. Thanks!

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