Modded Origin Idea: Divided Homeworld

stellaris 6 - Modded Origin Idea: Divided Homeworld

Note: I am not a modder and have no idea how to do this. This is just an interesting idea I thought of and would like to share and discuss.

This mod that expands the number of origins in the game has an interesting one called A House Divided, along the vein of Common Ground and Hegemon, where your empire starts off with two other empires nearby but they're both your starting species and they hate you. This got me thinking about how this would play out if this were your homeworld.

Basis in reality

Earth is divided, with space exploration being done piecemeal by individual countries and unions of countries, with occasional cooperation for big projects like the ISS. In the way nations currently operate, it's unlikely humanity's first steps into interstellar space would be any different.

How it actually works

Your initial start looks very similar to any other game, the difference being that you only have a few pops and the planet has a ton of tile blockers (these are the other nations). Your starting system is the same, you are the only one with ships/starbases/stations in the system. This is because only one empire can control a system and have things in that system at a time. That could be interesting but I don't think the game would support it.

This would definitely be a challenging start; you only have a fraction of the pops and resource production to start and instead of the first few years being devoted to rapid expansion you have to balance interstellar expansion with dealing with those other nations (the tile blockers)

When a tile blocker is cleared, that represents that smaller nation willingly joining or being subjugated by your empire. When that happens, you could get more pops, resources, research, leaders, ships, available districts, etc.


These blockers could be cleared in a number of ways. A few small ones could be cleared in the traditional manner (a la the Sprawling Slum and Industrial Wasteland starting blocker). Some could require edicts or technologies.

For some blockers, there's a chance temporary planetary modifiers will pop up: increased unrest, non-governing ethics attraction, devastation, and invading armies or ships that appear around the planet.

Depending on your governing ethics, you could have different options to clear the blockers. Forcibly clearing them could result in pops with low happiness and high unrest (like Stellar Culture Shock when you conquer primitives).

Why I think this is cool

This could be a good way of shaking things up in the game and adding some variety for players who want a different type of challenge. Obviously this would be a "Challenge Origin" along the lines of the Doomsday origin.

The player would have to balance playing as normal, while attempting to get as many pops as they can so actually compete against the AI. They'll be forced to really think about what buildings they make and where they put their ships. "Should I put my fleet at the chokepoint next to the Marauders? But that would leave my homeworld vulnerable if an attack happens." "Should I spend my influence to expand to these nice systems or clear the blocker and get a few pops? But there's an election coming up and I would hate to lose my ruler." These are the types of important and game-impacting decisions I think there would be if this were a mod.


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