More data on Interceptor Corvette Configurations

stellaris 6 - More data on Interceptor Corvette Configurations

This time with pictures!

For some context on this project, my previous posts can be found here and here.

Before we start talking about the results, some disclaimers apply: First, I am only comparing Interceptor corvettes, so there are no point-defense, missile, strike craft, etc to worry about. Second, I neglect range as well – in this case, the cannons out range the lasers slightly, so in practice cannon-armed ships should have a slightly higher win-rate due to first-strike advantage. Third, these battles are 1v1. I don't expect fleet combat to differ substantially from 1v1, however, especially if your fleet is made of entirely one model of ship. If you start mixing ships, I can't predict the results. Fourth, energy concerns are neglected. I don't see this as a serious flaw; excess energy has an extremely minor effect, and insufficient energy can be compensated for with reactor boosters. Speaking of which, accessory modules are neglected. Lastly, ships do not withdraw, have no bonuses from tech/civics/species/admiralty/etc, do not regenerate shields, and may handle fire rates incorrectly due to lack of information. I think that it is important for me to note that while these are all certainly flaws, I do not consider them – even in aggregate – to be sufficient to invalidate the results. If you want to know what the best Tier 0 Interceptor Corvette is, this chart will help! However, given the limited number of trials, the "true" percentage may lie within about 3-5 percentage points of the values displayed.

Right. Let's look at the
vO2RYvg - More data on Interceptor Corvette Configurations


This is just a visualization of my work. Each cell represents the percentage results of 100 battles between two ships. To make it more clear, the displayed value is the percent of the 100 battles I simulated in which the ship described on the left, won against the ship described on the bottom. The values along the diagonal are the aggregate win-rates for each ship (i.e. what percent of the 1500 battles that ship participated in did it win?). For the ship builds, L1 stands for red laser, D1 for mass driver, S1 for deflector, and A1 for nanocomposite armor.


The results mostly do not come as a surprise: for example, if you match two laser-armed corvettes against each other, but one has shields and the other has armor, the armor will lose every time. Also, like with my previous investigations, the mixed configurations did statistically better, in general, although even the best of these were defeated in some match ups.

The highlights: As predicted by my thought experiment and previous work, both mono-weaponry builds had low win percentages, ranging from 37% to 44% on aggregate. Their individual victory percentages swung wildly, including 100% victory rates against other mono-weapon/armor arrangements. The mixed builds had better success rates, peaking out as high as 60% for L1D1D1 builds.

As an illustrative example, when looking at L1D1D1S1S1A1 (which has the highest aggregate winrate), it only dipped below 50% winrate against 5 of the 15 opposing ships: L1L1D1A1A1A1, L1D1D1S1A1A1, L1D1D1A1A1A1, D1D1D1S1A1A1, and D1D1D1A1A1A1. This makes some sense: if your firepower is 2/3 cannon, and they load up on armor, your winrate will suffer. BUT: It is important to take this in context. Without that single laser, the win rate drops to a mere 2%. On the other side of the spectrum, this build won a whopping 90% of the time against mono-laser builds, regardless of defensive composition!

There is a lot to unpack in this image, and I've only scratched the surface. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

What's next? This image only depicts Tier 0. Tier 0 does not last very long before people start bringing blue lasers and coilguns to bear. Now, while I don't expect a simple tier upgrade to make much difference in the laser-vs-cannon match ups, an entirely new weapon shows up: the Energy Siphon. I have Tier 1 data available, exactly the same as what I have in this post, but I have not analysed it yet. I'm interested to talk about the results. But I'll give you a teaser: the winningest builds don't use cannons at all!

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