More Federation tomfoolery

stellaris 8 - More Federation tomfoolery

So, my preferred playstyle is to be as buddy-buddy as possible with everybody I can and SPACE-AMERICA with everybody else, and I've noticed a funny, if odd, circumstance if a federation is formed with two types of AIs: Federation Builders and Honorbound Warriors.

Let's take two example empires: The Asari and the Turians. The Asari, Fanatic Xenophile/Egalitarian Representative Democracy/Federation Builders meet the Turians, Fanatic Militarist/Egalitarian Citizen Stratocracy/Honorbound Warriors. They'll be quick to NAT each other thanks to the Asari's love of everything xeno and ally if there's a mutual threat, but have a big aversion to building a federation because they have different ideas for going to war: The Asari love liberation wars, the Turians love conquest wars.


Should this be overcome, and it's not insurmountable (it's a -50 modifier, which is all but erased if they're both rivaling somebody), when they enter into a Federation that aversion completely disappears and they love each other unconditionally. Now, if the Turians declare war, it's always a conquest war and the Asari accept it every time. Should the Asari declare war, it's always a liberation war yet the Turians will claim territory. If they're successful, the Turians will gain a bunch of contiguous territory near it plus orphaned stars all across the galaxy, and everybody else will turn into Asari surrogates.

This happens with any liberator plus any conqueror, so if the Asari were to befriend the Salarians (Fanatic Materialist/Xenophile Science Directorate/Erudite Explorers) the same thing happens.

This seems odd to me, or at least hard to explain from a roleplaying point of view. Knowing what we know of the next update, is there any ideas for the role of a federation in the future, so we get… less of this, or a more thematic understanding of what the federation stands for?

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