More realism in race creation

stellaris 1 - More realism in race creation

Let me say this from the start the race traits in this post is for RP and they may not be powerful traits, that being said lets start.

When you want to immerse yourself in stellaris and you want to roleplay a race the first thing you have to do is to choose traits and origin of the race, appearnce, name and etc.

But if you want to make a race as real as possibe you need to choose the right traits, that means the race you make may exist IRL, like us humans.

So first lets talk about planet you choose to live… choose any type of wet planet! IRL it is imposible for live to grew on an arctic planet or desert planet(BOOORING!), so lets put them away for now.

So now that we choose our planet of origin lets choose the traits accordingly, lets say you choos a continental planet which is our planet, in our planet we have many types of bioms like deserts, dense jungles etc. We humans evolved in order to survive in diffrent bioms so it is good to give adaptive trait and nomadic trait.

The 2nd is tropical world, these world ar filled with all kind of bacteria and might have diseases we dont know so it is good to give them Resilient and Enduring trait or maybe strong.

3rd is ocean world, i dont know much about these planets, they can bear life but the landmass is too little for them to grow so lets give them communal and Conservationist trait because if they want to grow they need to be efficient.

The 4th world is tundra planets, if you want to build a thriving civilization on these planets you need FOOD and unfortunately these planets have poor soil so lets give them Agrarian and unruly(flat steps are bad at keeping people together, im looking at you mongols) traits.


So now that race traits are done lets talk about type of goverment…

The type of environmet you live in and racial traits have huge role in type of goverment, like:

Mountain environmet : the mountains cause the race to be separated from each other so giving them equitarian govement would be good and race trait of Quarrelsome

Harsh environment(hostile wild life, radiation etc) : when everyone tries to kill you, eat you, tea bag on your corps you going to hate them and not being the on top of food chain makes you a breeding machine, think about lion and dog and how many babies each one have? Which one have more?

The weak one, the weaker animals always have more babies because they are always in danger and dying is a normal thing, so in order for them to survive they need to breed(this also decreses the lifespam of the race) so lets give them xenophobe and rapid breedera trait.

Easy environment(like gaia): these people are… weak, being on top of food chain and not being chased by hostile life forms they tend to be very weak, also very curios about others because they havent seen any hardship so lets give them xenophile and weak trait.

Thanks for reading this, this is not the way you should play the game you can do whatever you want so just have fun 🙂 If i made a miatake please tell me english is not my language.

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