Mothballing Fleets

stellaris 4 - Mothballing Fleets

Me and a couple of friends were having a multiplayer game when we started pitching ideas for a potential Warfare Focused Update and DLC and I came up with something though basic makes a lot of sense in Stellaris.

The option to Mothball a Fleet is something I feel like was always lacking in Stellaris, just the option of maintaining fully built fleets on low maintenance/inactive during peacetime to refocus resources adds a new layer of strategy and consideration in the game.

The basic idea goes that when you mothball a fleet you are essentially leaving said fleet in minimum maintenance costing a fraction of its active upkeep around a stellar object within your Empire. Mothballed Fleets still count towards your fleet cap and diplomatic weight but do not count towards your fleet strength as they are not active units. Mothball fleets are undetectable to most sensors since they are entirely powered down and do not emit energy signatures, therefore, requiring either a direct visual or mid to late game tools like Psyonichs or a Sensor Array (maybe a potential espionage mechanic/system!). This is however traded off by the fact that mothball fleets are completely defenceless on their own and could be targeted for warscore.

To power up a fleet you must pay an immediate energy and alloy price that is a fraction of your fleets total cost just like ship repairs with this process taking up anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months or even a year depending on how large the fleet is and how large the ships in it are. With an added bonus of a couple of techs allowing this process to go faster or even buildings that can protect mothballed fleets.


This now brings into consideration the economic effects of Mothballed Fleets, as your economy will have to be refocused into fleet upkeep once more when you ready again for war which allows for this feeling of militarizing your empire as a prelude to war.

Players and AI must now be smart and analytic of their enemies checking them for opportunities, allowing even the possibility of lightning warfare and risk-reward situations where you strike an empire that hasn't militarised yet fast enough that you begin to cripple their economy forcing them to power up their fleet when they aren't militarized yet further limiting them and their response, heck even the possibility of catching one of their mothballed fleets mid powering up and destroying it, suddenly making faster fleets much more practical for blitz type campaigns. The offset of playing these kinds of tactics is that if you aren't thorough or you cant hit any economic centers fast enough you will be cought in a situation where you have a light fleet about to be hit by a fully fresh and ready fleet of the enemy deep within their Empire.

This is just one of many ideas that I'd like to see added into a fully dedicated warfare expansion in Stellaris.

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