My experience as a new comer to Stellaris and why I am taking a break from video games.

stellaris 4 - My experience as a new comer to Stellaris and why I am taking a break from video games.

Here I am. Playing what I would call my second real play through. I played around a bit and watched a tutorial before I launched my first game. It was on ensign, with a small galaxy. I crushed it. Didn't even notice a mid game crisis if there is one and the end game crisis is now just happening and it's pretty much me vs the awakened empire who wiped out the other half of the galaxy in no time flat. All fine and good, felt confident for more of a challenge.

This is my second playthrough, been loving it. Playing a Lithoid materialistic fanatic egalitarian. I'm loving it. My pops are growing slowly because I wasn't being super careful on what planets I bombed with the meteroid colonies from the cataclysmic beginning. But things were good. I had, what I thought, was the best corner of the galaxy to be. I am playing on a large galaxy and wanted to really play some politics, and I was! I was climbing the ranks outpacing every one in technology.

Only little thing was that I had knowingly enveloped a marauder clan, with about 6 jumps to my home planet. I had encountered them before in my other games and wasn't bothered. I had read about some Khan fellow, but, I was flying high, about to get elected to the galactic counsel, running an all Lithoid federation. Hell, the only other neighbor I had was my oldest friend and ally, with super high relations who buffered me against the rest of the galaxy. I felt secure until Khan…


Khan wrecked my shit. Even though I was the most advanced species with one of the strongest navies, even with mercenaries from a other marauder faction… fortress on fortresses, defense platform on defense platform, quickly burning through resources to emergency buy alloy to build defense layers. I made my "last stand" in a nebula, with as many ships as I could muster from my broken fleets and final two battleships, 4 cruisers and a dozen destroyers I had managed to keep in reserve… it all made no difference. The Khan just has too many ships that are fst more powerful. I surrendered immediately after. He only took 5 systems, cut off two seconds from the main body of "my" empire and now takes a chunk of my resources.

I knew it was a threat. I would think about it about build up chokepoints around it occasionally, but really just thought it wasn't a big deal, that they'd sit there silently while I paid them off every so often. I did not expect them to cut through my defenses and fleets. I had to shut down after that surrender. Couldn't even play another game. I need a break before I come back to eventually throw off the chains of the oppressor and become free rocks again! But right now, I need to take a break from the humiliation. I had to surrender. They didn't take much but I couldn't let the fighting continue against such an overwhelming force…

What would you have done differently? Would you have fought tooth and nail?

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