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stellaris 8 - My First AAR

Alright, so this is not a complete one, more just a tale of a setup. I'm testing the waters to see if I'm kinda' sorta' good enough to make a nice big one with chapters as I go. I realised as I started doing it that I should have done it when I started and done it in chapters as I went, so I decided to do a very rushed job on this and only count the beginning of my last playthrough. Again, this is SUPER reader's digest version of even the beginning portion of the game.

EDIT: Didn't actually complete the intro/disclaimer

Beginnings of the United Nations of Earth

2060 saw the formation of the Earth Community Project. While individual nation-states still existed (and would in the ensuing centuries), the ECP was the first successful attempt at a world governmental body whose legislation carried more weight than a suggestion box at a Hooters restaurant. Its mandate gradually grew, hurried along by such great disasters as the ISIS resurgence of 2085, and the 2102 Big One which tore through the Western American coastline like a chainsaw.It wasn’t until 2160 that Earth, finally unified enough for purpose, decided to take up the mantle of another planet. The myriad governments of Earth had coalesced into the free market Republic model, avoiding the trappings of any number of contrived utopias that had tried and died in prior millenia, and the Earth Space Association was very much padded by the private sector and wealthy benefactors. Colonisation was touted as the ultimate poverty killer; something that would make the achievements of the Public Assistance International look like free cookies at a blood drive.

The discovery of the hyperlanes in 2186 resulted in a flurry of construction both Earthside and in orbit. A small fleet of scouting ships, and the single most expensive vessel ever put together, the UNS tradewind, started the long process of scouting the adjoining stars looking for a place to settle. The first habitable planet had the surveyors in awe…lush beautiful unscathed islands everywhere. Atoll after atoll, with not a single need of the mere thought of terraforming. After a week’s deliberation, the land was named New Maldive in memory of the Maldives lost to the effects of climate change around 2100.


The next planet wasn’t so easily tamed, by all rights it never should have been. The Al’Thri were alone and wished to remain alone. With technology roughly equivalent to Earth’s mid-20th century (and seemingly having been in that state for a century or more), the Al’Thri were content to fight amongst themselves in a series of bitter proxy wars lasting anywhere from three days to 2 years. The observation post’s data was sent to Earth and kicked up a media frenzy and debate. It had long been decided that any discovery of sapient life would be further studied on an observe and report protocol only. However, moralist voices dissented that the reptillians needed to be interfered with, that ‘death by gunshot’ was not an acceptable cause of death for a thinking being. When a low level scouting vehicle was shot down by a SAM battery near a previously undiscovered military bunker, the political spectrum dissolved into a bitter quarrel over immediate military invasion versus abandoning the research altogether. The subsequent war and destruction of anything that could be reasonably perceived as an organically developed ethos—to say nothing of the collateral damage of the one-week military operation that resulted in annexation—caused political ripples and social tremors that lasted for over a century. To this day the Al’Thr’ resent being used as a political football, even though they have received full citizenship centuries prior. Before the discovery of the other great space empires, there was the discovery of the dead one. The Vultuamar were an elusive bunch even deceased. A data cache there…a weather station here…over 20 years archaeologists furiously pored over coffee and fragments of hints to finally determine the location of the homeworld…and their ultimate fate. When the scout ships entered the system and saw the grand shipyards and the remnants of the vast orbital facilities…some of which still could function, their jaws hit the floors hard enough to cause hull breach warnings. This system was a human one now, full of tech and potential, and three planets that might be made into homes with a little work and study.

And so it was, in the year 2247, that the United Nations of Earth had been led to water. They had seen equal parts inspiration, fear, and the potential for both spectacular engineering marvels and perhaps utter madness and apocalyptic delusions. They had been allowed a grand mistake to learn from and a spectacular achievement to draw on.

…and in six months time a message came through from an adorable race of hamster-like beings who spoke for each other and all at once. And the next test began.

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