My first Federations game was an absolute nightmare and I loved it.

stellaris 4 - My first Federations game was an absolute nightmare and I loved it.

Because I'm a masochist, I decided to jump straight into Federations with the Doomed Homeworld origin. To make matters worse, I decided to play an inward perfectionist, fanatic xenophobe, rapid breeder species because the more pops at risk, the more motivation to actually do something.

I start the game and almost immediately things start going belly up. Half of my expansion directions are blocked by mining drones so by the ten year mark, the first and only two planets I find are an Arctic world and an Arid world. My species is a Tropical-preference and because I am a brainlet my species is nonadaptive so the two worlds are at a whopping 0% habitability.

Regardless I decided to colonize these two worlds. The Arctic world is a size-25 world so I colonize it first. I also get the Brainslug event for the first time in the 1000+ hours I have played Stellaris from the Arctic world. This makes it seem like a good find, but NOPE. The Brainslugs give me -40 happiness causing my empire to descend into chaos and critically my consumer goods to shoot into the red. Because of this, I don't colonize the Arid world which was a mistake and instead just focus on evacuating to the Arctic world.


With less than a year to spare, I successfully evacuate my homeworld. Now ~40 pops are huddled freezing and miserable on the Eighth Circle of Hell as I slowly begin to rebuild my empire. Things actually start looking good, food and consumer goods are negative but not horrifyingly so, and I've found a new small Tropical world that it shaping up to be my next colony once things even out a pinch more.

There is however one slight problem. I have no goddamn clue if these are a new archaeology or one I have had the sweet fortune to miss until now, but an archaeology project called "The Sentinels" exists on my new homeworld. The titular Sentinels are giant metal statues that my people have no understanding of so my scientists decide to do the only logical thing: smash them. After I completed the dig, I got a new special project dedicated to smashing the Sentinels. Finishing that project was a mistake because they weren't statues, they were robots which woke up and overran the defenses of my homeworld in twelve days. Now my species is doomed to be exterminated by the Sentinals because I have no way to liberate them. This has been the quickest I've ever been defeated by the game and I have never had a better Stellaris story to tell because of it.

TLDR: Homeworld broke and Stellaris decided to Final Destination my species.

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