My first Win!

stellaris 2 - My first Win!

I wanted to play an entire game to completion to get a good feel for the mechanics. I didn’t get the big endgame event, so I am still a little wary about that. Completed on easy with the small galaxy, and other then a few mods for Star Wars ships I basically played on Vanilla. I played as the Star Wars Galactic Empire and planned to conquer the galaxy through force. Diplomacy be damned!

Things I want to improve at:

Quickly taking over an enemies space. My tactic in this run was: Step 1) Start a small war and conquer a few claimed systems. Step 2) Wait 10 years and start another war with the intention to vassalize them. Step 3) Vassalize them & wait the 10 years to integrate. Step 4) Integrate them (so like another 10 years or so?). This seemed to work pretty well but it is very slow. I didn’t mind all the wait time while I had multiple enemy empire to deal with because in the 10 year wait periods I could just turn my attention to a different empire. Once it was down to me an only one other empire it became a slog of my just kinda biding my time. Is there a better way to conquer the enemy? I was hoping that with my superior fleet power and tech I could just intimidate them into submission.

My empire by default allows slaves. Personally I am opposed to this so usually I just made any conquered species residents with low habitability. Slaves just seem to bog down the economy with lots of unhappy pops, it didn’t seem like it had much benefit?


Also, one of the species I conquered lived on the same habitat world as my species (continental worlds). I allowed them to be residents, but I enacted population control thinking they would slowly die off and I could populate with my species. Instead it seemed like they continued to grow in number, or at the very least maintain their number of pops. Should I have purged them instead? Seems kinda cruel…

Managing planets: HELP! I had something like 26 worlds under my control by the end of the game and it was a chore to manage them. I don’t quite understand how sectors work and the whole portioning out resources for them. The idea of playing on a larger scale galaxy and have 2 or 3 times that amount of planets sounds daunting.

Towards the end of the game I was bringing in tons of resources without much to spend it on. Every so often I would go through all my planets and make sure stuff was getting built, which would eat up a good portion. Do I need to worry about having TOO many resources? Also, I was way over my administrative capacity but it didn’t seem to affect my income much.

There was a good sized chunk of the galaxy that no one had touched that had a decent amount of resources and was lousy with pirates. I didn’t really need to expand but I figured I had all these constructor ships and I was still raking in the goods. As long as I am making profit is there a reason not to expand?

Last, I see there are a ton of paid DLCs to purchase and might pick one up. Ancient Relics and Apocalypse look interesting to me, but Megacorp does not appeal to me. Any reccomendations?

Thanks for all your advice!

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