My Idea to make Combat Micromangable and Automatic, and a Ground Invasion/Army Rework.

stellaris 4 - My Idea to make Combat Micromangable and Automatic, and a Ground Invasion/Army Rework.

For me, Personally, I'd love if I was able to micromanage combat more in Stellaris. More specifically how my fleet actually fights. I know a lot of people don't want to have to micromanage another thing. However, I think I thought of a way where you could micromanage combat if you want, but didn't have to and still be effective.

In this post, I'm going to be going over my idea of how to let Fleet combat and Ground invasions be more micromanaged. My goals in thinking were: It had to be fun, You don't have to micromanage and could still be effective, and finally, my main goal MAKE GROUND INVASIONS ACTUALLY COOL.

I'm going to go over my complex idea of a new combat system, and a Simple version that just makes Ground Armies more customizable.


Combat System: Fleet and Ground Invasion combat will be changed a bit. Instead of it being more of a headbutt your fleet into another and wait for the outcome. Instead, combat should be put into 3 waves. During the first wave, you start off with a bit more artillery and ranged attacks, or maybe you're the type to rush. 2nd wave would start actual charging engagement. At the 3rd wave, another assault happens and after that fight, one fleet/army would retreat (or you're given the option to) because realistically a government would want to preserve its fleet/army. Unless you have 'No Retreat' then your fleet will keep fighting.

If applied to Ground Invasions it could (in theory) make Ground Invasions more difficult (like they should be).

Tactics and Doctrines: My idea is that you would Research military tactics and when you go into combat you could choose to micromanage each wave of combat (By picking the tactic you research). When micromanaging it, you could choose which Tactic you would want to do. Like picking a play in a MADDEN game for example (if you've ever played on).

There are 2 ways you could implement Military research: You could add a new research section for military research (Which is easier), or Adding a new tab for military research that could also be used research Research/Tactics, and Army Equipment (We're keeping fleet weapons and armor in a normal research. Duh), also in this tab you could equip those Doctrine/Tactic you've researched. For the Military Research tab. You would Assign a Field Marshall to run it (Could just use Researchers Section).

For the sake of my Idea, we're gonna use the new tab for Military Research.

I think this would be easier to implement into the AI compared to other combat changes I've read, because, as you will read later on, I have a plan to make it so it can be automatic for the AI and Player.

Automatic combat option: We have combat AI in the game as an equip option on the ship designs in Fleet designer, so why not make it more useful. When you have a battle, and you don't want to micromanage it. Then the combat AI would take and implement the tactic you have researched.

How would the combat AI use the tactics you've research? 2 ways to fix that is: Let it use all tactic you have research with a flat bonus like it already has (making it better than the player), or the better option would be that, depending on the level of combat AI you have researched the more tactics it can use. A level 1 combat AI would only be able to store (let's say 3) tactics, and it could only use those 3. Maybe you could equip the tactics you want it to use in the Military tab I talked about earlier, or it's just randomized with the automatic best option.

You could sort the tactics in your combat AI as Offense, Defense, and Situational


Army Design changes: 2 ways you could possibly change the way how armies are designed is: Adding the ability to design an Army division like HOI4 (Which is eh.) Or you could design an Army, not as a division, but the singular soldiers. In the military research tab or slot maybe you research Tactics/Doctrine, but also Military equipment for ground troops. Like Guns, Explosive, ETC. Let's say the enemy has more ground troops landing on your Planet, but you have better Guns and Equipment. You should have more of a chance to fend them off.

The Army Design could be a new tab, or you could combine it with the fleet manager, and that would mean that the Army could actually have a look at them, then just icons. The next section will go into more detail how the ground invasions could look like.

New Ground Invasion battle area: I think the best way to make Ground Invasions look cool as hell is to make it look exactly like a fleet battle. It would show the battle and the people colliding. This would also be the tab you could select what tactic your combat army uses. Maybe If that's too hefty to "simulate" a battle you could turn it off in the pregame menu (Like turning off Xeno Compatibility) and it would just be how it is now with the ability to select battle tactics.

I think if we could simulate Ground Invasions you could also pick what your army looks like (Kinda like how you could pick your fleet design/city design) So you could have: Reptillian, Necroids, Plantoid Army designs.

New Invasion Units: This I'm less sure of, but maybe you could make armored and artillery divisions for Ground Invasions. It would add more depth to ground invasions to make them harder, and cooler.

Army Capacity and Training: let's add an Army limit as we do with Fleets, and make armies more expensive. Training for units should be costly (like building a fleet). We should be able to train Garrisons to defend our planets, instead of relying on jobs. A stronghold job could do exactly what it does now, but also add Army Capacity. Also having a General on the planet could train the troop's way faster. Training troops should be done in advance, and be upgraded and retrofitted like a fleet. General should also only be able to command a certain amount of Army Units. So multiple Armies and General could land at the same time, or you need to build your force properly so that your army comes out on top.

We could increase upkeep for armies to the level of Fleets, but instead of Energy and Aloys. It would be Food and Consumer Goods. This would also make Rare Resources used more than just buildings and ships.

Changes to Warform, Slave Armies, ETC: With the new Army Design changes you could make War forms and other types of armies more like researching a better ship design (like Corvette to Destroyer). Maybe a Slave would be super cheap and only count as 1/2 a normal army for capacity, but they would only be able to a Gun and Armor slot. Maybe a clone would be cheap, but count as 1 for capacity, but could hold a Gun, Armor, and Equipment slot. A Warform would be would more in army capacity, but cold hold multiple Guns, Armor, and Equipment. Maybe even a Mech Weapon slot for like a Missle or Torpedo researched for Ships.


Buildings that could be Changed: The possible buildings that could be affected, or added to pair with new the combat system with Tactics/Doctrine, and the Army changes I suggested:

Stronghold: A bonus to defensive armies on the planet. Increase in Naval/Army Capacity.

Fortress: Pretty much the same at the Stronghold, but increased more.

Military Academy: Increased Army Experience. Armies are trained faster.

Dread Encampment: Military Academy, but it only applies the bonuses to Undead Armies.

These could be possible new buildings that could be added


PSI Training Camp: A Psonic Military Academy/Dread Encampment that is better. It could also make all armies trained to have less Collateral Damage.

Military-Industrial Complex: Adds research bonus speeds for Military tab and increased Fleet/Army building speed.

War Foundry: Robot version of a Military-Industrial Complex, or for Organic Empire it could be used to build Robot Armies.

War Nest: Hive Mind version of a Military-Industrial Complex, or for Other Empire it could be used to build Xenomorph/Alien type Units.

Command Tent: Increases the amount given from Military-Industrial Complex/ War Foundry/ War nest by 20%

Colosseum (Warrior Culture): Makes Army training slower, but adds more Damage or Health. It also adds Amenities like a Holotheatre


Civics that could be Changed: The possible buildings that could be affected, or added.

Warrior Culture: Keeps +20% to Army damage (Removes Duelist Jobs), and Adds the ability to build the colosseum building.

Police State: Enforcers produce +1Unity. The size of a Defensive Army affects Crime and Stability.

Slaver Guilds: +10% Slave resource output. 40% Slave Pop Ratio. You start with the Slave Army type.

Citizen Service: Soldier jobs produce +2 Unity. +15% Army Capacity. All pops will turn into divisions called "Militia Division" during a ground invasion.

Fanatic Purifier: +33% Fire Rate, +33% Army Damage, +15% Ship cost, +33% Naval capacity, +33% Army Capacity. You start the game with Purifier Army Type.

Purifier Army type: They are x2 better than the average Assault Unit, but cost x2 as much.

Barbaric Despoliers: Pretty much the exact same civics, but you start off the game with the Raider Army Type.

Raider Army Type: During a ground, the invasion will capture enemy defense armies and turn them into slave armies mid invasion.

Reanimated Armies: Military Academies are replaced with Dread Encampments. Unlocks the Undead Army Type.

Undead Army Type: Cheap army unit that has 1/2 health but does x2 Damage.

Naval Contractors: +15% Naval Capacity, -10% Ship Cost, -10% Army Upkeep, +15% Military Research.

Private Military Companies: +20% Army Damage, -10% Army Cost, -10% Army Upkeep, +15% Army Capacity, +15% Military Research.

Strength of Legion: +20% Army Damage, -20$ Army Upkeep. More Army Morale for Units.

Devouring Swarm: +25% Ship Hull Points, +0.5% Daily Hull and Armor Regeneration, -50% Starbase Influence Cost, +40% Army Damage, +20% Biology Research, -25% Ship Cost, -25% Army Cost, +33% Naval Capacity, +33% Army Capacity. You start the game with Devourer Army Type.

Devourer Army type: They are x1.5 better than the average. The Army will devour and heal off of destroyed enemy units during Ground Invasion.

(Terravore would be the exact same as well)

Warbots: +20%, -20% aRMY Upkeep, +15% Army Capacity. They start the game with the Mech Army Type.

Mech Army Type: The Poor mans Warform (Which is still pretty good). Worth 2-3 Army Capacity Each.

Determined Exterminator: +25%, -30% Starbase Influence Cost, -15% Ship Cost, -15% Army Cost, +33% Naval Capacity, +33% Army Capacity. You star the game with Exterminator Army Type.

Exterminator Army Type: They x2 Better than the average Assault Unit. They Also leave Devastation on Planets they've invaded.

Civics I've Kinda come up with for it

Dignified Commanders: Variant of Distinguished Admiralty for Generals. +10% Army Damage, +1 General Level Cap, +10 Army Command Limit.

War Economy (Fanatic Militarist): -10% Ship Cost, -10% Ship Upkeep, +15% Naval Capacity, -10% Army Cost, -10% Army Upkeep, +15% Army Capacity. Cannot switch off Militarized Economy.

Marshall Dictator (Fanatic Authoritarian/Militarist): +33% Naval Capacity, +33% Army Capacity, +5 Stability, Enforcer Jobs are replaced by Secret Police/Gestapo and lower Crime and Produce Stability. -10% Unity, -5% Happiness. Is Always on the Supremacist Stance. Always has Closed Borders, and always uses Aggressive on First Contact.


I know the Nemesis Update and DLC might introduce spies and espionage so maybe some possible buildings for are (This is just a Tangent):

Intelligence Agency: Adds maybe more intelligence with fog of war (I'm not sure how Nemesis works completely). Can spy on a planet so that a Ground Invasion is more effective. Maybe spy on the Defense force on the planet to give bonuses to attackers.

Hive Knowledge Node: Intelligence Agency for Hiveminds.

Galactic Observation Complex: Intelligence Agency for Machine Intelligence.

Special Operations Agency: Adds a bonus to defense against Intelligence Agency spying of a planet's army (Spying/Sabotage Protection). Adds the ability to build the Spec Ops Army Type.

Spec Ops Army Type: Super Expensive and is more of a supportive role that stacks bonuses mid Invasion to help out the Army. (Can be used on Defensive Armies)

PSI-OPS Agency: Basically a Psionic version of the Special Operations Agency that introduced thePSI-OPS Army type.

PSI Ops Army Type: Just a Spec Ops Army with Psionic bonuses. Like morale and telepathy.

Infiltrator Drone Pod: Hive Mind Version of Special Operations Agency that adds the Infiltrator Army Type.

Infiltrator Army Type: Spec Ops Army type for Hive Minds. You can add more bonuses for them maybe.

Terminator Facility: Robot Version of Special Operations Agency that adds the Terminator Army Type.

Terminator Army Type: Just a Spec Ops Army for Robotic Empires. You can add more bonuses adds for them maybe.


For the simple Variant of all this. Well, just the Army update and Maybe buildings and Civics have Army-based updates to ones with Army focuses.



This is my Idea to be able to have the ability to Micromanage combat more if you want to. Obviously, we all get lazy in the late game, and usually, just automate planets and everything. So, I also found out a way you could micromanage combat while still being able to have people not have to micromanage it.

And my main goal of this post was more the Ground Army Rework. I Want Ground Invasions to feel more Epic, and actually fun to watch. I love watching my Armies crush other armies in Ground Invasions. I just wish it was more difficult and had more depth. Also, That it looked like a simulated battle than just icons (But if it's not possible I understand)

On a side note, If you're Stellaris Dev is reading this. Please put some of this into consideration. I personally love Vanilla Stellaris, and I just want a way to go more in-depth Ground Invasions Mostly. I'd personally just love a Ground Army update where you could customize ground forces like Fleets. Thank you for reading my Suggestion


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