My ideas for a federation rework.

stellaris 5 - My ideas for a federation rework.

Federations. You know that thing you join to protect yourselves from bigger fish? That boring thing that only gives you protection from other empires? That thing that with so much wasted potential? I have an idea or two(maybe a lot more) that could make a Federation what it SHOULD be-not just a protection from other empires. This first point will be essential to all the other points and that is: * Federation Seats Basically What Federation seats are are an Empires seat in the Federation- Each seat will count as ONE vote for any Federation vote. Seats will need to be distributed in a balanced manner so that each empire has a say. Of course larger empires should have a larger say but Tall empires should also have a voice. I suggest that seats should be distributed by Population Count as its the best way to be fair both to Highly Populated Smaller Empires and larger sparesly populated empires.

  • Decisions A Federation should be able to vote on an enact multiple decisions as this will add flavor to Federations and make them more than just a Defensive System. Some ideas for Decisions are as follow: Establish Federation Capital- Members of the Federation can commence a one time vote to establish a Federation capital *Capital must be the Homeworld of one of the Member Nations *Federation Capital Modifier on planet gives: +X amount of Seats in the Federation Council, +10% Pop Happiness -Crime and a permament Federation Council Building which generates a small to medium amount of Trade Value

Federal unification: Powerful ability that unites all Federation members into one empire. ALL members must vote in favor for this law to pass. * Turns all Member States into one new Empire whose name is chosen by whoever initiates the vote. The Suffix Federation is not changeable(For example your species is called the Rabax. You choose to name your Federation after yourself. The outcome is the Rabax Confederation.} The Newly Unified Federation will suffer no unrest from the worlds added to it because they joined willingly. The greatest challenge will be restructuring the economy as your Consumer Goods, Energy and Mineral income may not be enough to support the much larger population and industry. New Diplomatic offers for the Federation are to offer a empire admission which will add them to your Federation.


Priorities: New decision available every set amount of years where federation members can vote to focus on either Research, Industry, Mining or Military. Industry: Grants a 5% Bonus to Specialist Jobs Research: Grants a 5% Bonus to Research Mining: Grants a 5% bonus to Worker Jobs Military: Grants a 10% Reduction in ship upkeep Federal Defense Fleet: Decision to create a Federal Defense Fleet {Federation Navies are not usable until this decision is available} *Federal Defense Fleets will start out at 50 Fleet Cap regardless of any other factors. Additional Fleet Cap can be added by decisions at a price. * Federal Defense Fleets can ONLY BE USED IN DEFENSIVE WARS. In Wars of Agression Defense Fleets can only be used in Federation space.

Expand the Federal Defense Fleet: * Takes a 5% Reduction in Every member states max fleet cap * Gives an extra 50 Federal Fleet Cap

Militarize the Federal Defense Fleet * Takes a further 15% of every member states Fleet cap * Gives an extra 100 Federal Fleet Cap * Allows Federal Defense Fleet to be used in wars of Agression

Federal Fleet Expansion: *Only Available when at war *Increases War Exhaustion by 20% *Gives an extra 100 Federal Fleet Cap *Fleet Cap is reduced back to normal after war ends

Emergency Fleet Expansion: *Increases War Exhaustion by 50% * Gives an Extra 200 fleet cap *Cannot be used alongside Federal Fleet Expansion *Fleet Cap reduced to normal after war ends

Contribute to Federal Fleet *Permanently removes 50 of YOUR OWN FLEET CAP *Adds 75 Fleet Cap to the Federal Fleet Cap *May choose as many times as you like as long as your above 50 fleet cap

Federal Research Cooperation: * Gives a 10% Research bonus to any technology researched by other federation members.

Leave Federation: * You leave the Federation * Regain any fleet cap spent into Federation Fleet Cap *Suffer -50 Permanent Opionion Penalty with all Federation Members and a -100 Opinion Penalty with current Federation Presidents Empire.

Of course this is just an idea though I would really like it if Federations weren't as war focused.

Election: The Federation will have a number of seats that give bonuses to their holders empire. President: Gives an extra 10% Council Seats. Requires 3/4 of a vote to win. Vice President: Gives an extra 5% Council Seats. Can not belong to same empire as president. Requires 3/4 of a Vote to win Federal Banker: Gives an extra 5% Energy Income Federal Shipwright: Gives an extra 5% Ship build time and cost reduction Federal Scientist: Gives an extra 5% Research The last 3 require a majority vote and a empire can have all 3 voted in

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