My (lore-heavy I guess) Confederation of United Nations. A Sci-Fi Human Nation that I’ve created for Stellaris. Any feedback on it?

stellaris 2 - My (lore-heavy I guess) Confederation of United Nations. A Sci-Fi Human Nation that I've created for Stellaris. Any feedback on it?

Confederation of United Nations

  • Authority: Direct Democracy
  • Ethics: Egalitarianism, Materialism, Xenophilia
  • Civics: Parliamentary-System, Byzantine Bureaucracy, (Meritocracy, Beacon of Liberty, and Idealistic Foundations are all possible 3rd choices)

Nation-States of Earth: no significant changes from the 2090 Edinburgh Conference to 2200

History of the Confederacy

Pre-Edinburgh Conference

By the 2050s, the world was in the middle of a new Cold War. This time, it was between the NATO Powers: consisting of the USA, CANZUK Union, European Union, Japan, India, and other nations allied with them, usually in the Americas or South/West Africa and South-East Asia; and the SCTO consisting of: China, Russia, and various other nations states, primarily in North and Central Africa. This Cold War came to a heated end in 2084 as the Democratic Republic of Korea declared war on its Southern Neighbour. Its fanatical leader was prepared to use nuclear weaponry to achieve her goal, but to the surprise, to the global community, it's ally, the People’s Republic of China, invaded the nation to prevent this outcome. This surprise caused NATO to send little armament to its Korean and Japanese allies as they believed the Chinese would not attack. This assumption was wrong and South Korea fell in a matter of days. The rest of the SCTO quickly joined in on the war, which would last 6 years. The war was long and brutal, but eventually, NATO was able to gain a decisive victory. Out of the ashes, new states such as the: the Republic of China, Confederate Union of Arab State, West African Union, Confederation of the Congo Basin, Peruvian-Patagonian Confederation, and Confederation of Gran Columbia arose from the SCTO and allied themselves with the NATO Alliance. Within half a decade, they would all join the Commonwealth of United Nations and European Confederations (along with all but 9 nation-states) in the Confederation of the United Nations. A global government that would improve on the failures of the United Nations before it.

Post-Edinburgh Conference

The Confederation of United Nations (CUN) was founded between the Commonwealth of United Nation – an expanded CANZUK Union that accompanied many Commonwealth Nations towards the end of the Third Great War –, Federation Of India, and the European Confederation, a federalised European Super State. Within 5 years of its foundation, and 3 years of the Edinburgh Conference of 2090, 17 of the 26 remaining nation-states joined the Confederacy. The remaining 9 consisted of smaller powers that had escaped federalisation and unionisation with their neighbours, and the Republic of Iran, which adopted the name “Non-aligned” to signify its refusal to cooperate with the international community since the mid-2050s when the Islamic Republic was overthrown by a bloodless coup.

The Confederation would establish a small mining colony of Mars, which would act as the first Confederate Territory; in future, this would be handed to military outposts and new colonies before they were introduced into a Sub-Confederation, or formed one of its own. This colony gave way to a new age of interest in extraplanetary space, which amassed in 2113 with the discovery of “Hyperlanes”. Small areas in-between star-systems which shortened the distance between them significantly. This, if they were able to be penetrated, would act as practically FTL travel and allow for a Galactic Confederacy, though this dream was at least a century away.

In 2157, the Confederation Agency for Frontier Expansion (CAFE) was able to penetrate the Hyperlane towards the Alpha Centauri system for the first time. In 2061, the sent a small detachment of scientist on the RMS Survival towards the system in the hopes of learning more. This was well known to be incredibly risky, and it was. Those scientists would never return, and would not be seen again for nearly half a century. But what was learnt was from a single reply message, confirming that Alpha Centauri held a habitable planet for human expansion. The next forty years would see further unification of the Confederation, through strict laws would be put in place to secure the national boundaries of the 17 member states, and secure the independence of the 9 “Free State.” But in 2201, the first ship since the RMS Survival would be sent out of the Sol system and would enter the Alpha Centauri system. This new science vessel would soon discover the crew, and their children, on the now dubbed planet “Centauri Prime”. This would spark mass joy throughout Earth and would justify the first extra-System colonisation attempt. The Planet was confirmed to be able to sustain human life on a mass scale, and by 2206, 250 Thousand colonists would arrive on Centauri Prime, marking the beginning of the Galactic Era of the Confederation of United Nations.


Governmental System of the Confederacy

Political Ethics and Civics

The CUN would pride itself on a considerate, equal, and central political view. It was rarely overly dominated by a left-wing and right-wing government, and its parties usually agreed on humanitarian degrees and compromising legislations. Their parliamentary system, founded on the idealistic belief of human unity, worked surprisingly well and kept incredible peace throughout humanity and worked with enough efficiency to increase its support massively. It’s mining colonies throughout the solar-system brought mass prosperity to the planet, and it’s the management of the Space-X monopoly crisis which arose from it earnt its massive favour with the ordinary citizen.

System of Governance

The CUN is a bureaucratic mess that combines multiple levels of Confederacy atop of one another. The highest level of the CUN is the Confederate Senate itself, which is led by a decadal elected Premiere Confederate Consul who acts as Head of State. The Confederate Senate has 500 elected senators that based on a proportional representation system, where parties submit Senators based on their popular-vote count in the general election. Confederate law (which bypass all systems of laws beneath unless said otherwise in the degrees)

The next system of confederacy is known as the Sector or Sub-Confederates. This is the system used on Earth itself, and collection of smaller colonial holdings. These Sectors have each nation-state (or Planet-Colony for the case of the newer states in the Confederation of Earth and in smaller sectors that lack sufficiently large planets to be split into separate states) provide a number of senators based on their populations. These senators are from select individuals (that have been voted in by the public) from the nation-state parliament. The total number of senators in each Sector-Senate change depends on the size of the Sector but usually vary from 50 to 200. The sub-senate is able to vote on laws that surpass national-assembly (unless stated otherwise), but cannot bypass the Confederate-Senate.

The smallest layer of confederacy is the nations states themselves. These vary massively due to cultural difference, but they decide on local affairs and have a restricted ability to past laws doing so. These passed laws can be changed and override by Senates above them, but the Confederate Senate has made it it’s the goal to allow for national and cultural independence within the confederacy itself.

Military of the Confederation

Confederate Agency of Frontier Expansion (CAFE)

The military of the Confederation was not given consideration until the discovery of intelligent alien life in 2207. Due to this, the Confederate Agency of Frontier Expansion (primarily used for expanding into new territory), also known as the Frontier Agency took personal control of the military. The CAFE split the military into two major factions, the Confederate Naval Forces (CNF) and Confederate Land Forces (CLF). These organisations would act in unison but did not make up all of the Confederate’s Armed Forces.

Nation-State and Sector Armed Forces

Due to the great independence of local affairs given to the Sectors and Nation-States, many have their own armed forces. While only the largest sectors were able to field a fleet of even a few ships, it was quite common for each Sector or Nation-State to field its own Land Forces. Due to the extreme peace, these usually were small and underequipped, a few acted as full-out police forces, and the Confederation of Earth held a Navy called the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) and Land-Force called the UNGC (United Nations Ground Command) that rivalled the CNF and CLF of the Frontier Agency.

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