My most fun run ever

stellaris 7 - My most fun run ever

Hi all sorry for mistakes i am old fart that learn english mostly by himself. Long read, you get warned.

So i have and nice story of stellaris run . I create a Human descendants civilization. That migrate from earth in 2100, get catch in wormhole and end in other part of galaxy. (i like play rpg style) They miracly find Gaia world and colonize it. They name it Atlantis (Yes i like Stargate tv show) and the solar system Hope (it was ironic and foreshadowing more than i realize back then)

They stats are Atlantis League

Authoritarians (they believed that democracy was a fail that allow to poison Earth so they need to migrate)


Spiritualist (After the miracle survive wormhole and find an haven world they start believing that it was a greater force "god" that gide them and help them)


Life Seedet and Efficien Bureaucracy

Difficulty Admiral 2.3 no federation expansion

So i start in mostly empty space (biggest galaxy 23 civilisationsI have plenty of room to expand) , but i play tall boys with only one planet so i just expande to cut some places off for future expansions. I did have bad luck in neighbors Ikaanam Empire hate me, and Giriord Slavers were, just Slavers that hate anyone. I finnly make out whit Yax'Kalock but it costed me a lot. It help me survive early whitout war but i knew that those nasty slavers will come for some human booty (they were Humanoids themself sooo :D) To my suprise Empire start a war whit them first and Yax fallow them. I stay out of this for start but then i was, wait if they lose (and it was not looking good for them) i was the next target. So i send my fleet and when i did see that those two are losing i strike fast and i hard in the enemy capital world. I did take their shipyard and then planet, repair my force and start bulding more just in time for them to come fight me. They win battles with others but they get hard on to the face so i was there nail in the coffin. I take half of territory make a new sector, realese it as vassal and then change it to tributar (i did take one pop on my planet to have them for colonization in future if i want it) So the Slavers survive for 20 more years and then they get conquerd by Yax that make them slaves ha ha ha that was hilarius.


Ok now to the best part. I set up that Earth Federatin will appear in game so i was expecting to reconnect whit my home planet on one point. It came sooner than expected. So 20 years after Slavers wars i meet new race Caloctola Reavers. Yes another of those saveges that insist of killing any other race in galaxy or enslave them. They were far from me(not to far but not close too i have time to face them if i must)

You do not bilive my suprise when a pop migrate to my planet and it was Human from Earth, from Caloctala teritory. Those spore looking sons of mushroms conquer Earth and destryed Human Federation. They start prosecuting humans to force them out of Earth and Alpha Centauri. I did welcome 6 pops of them, but then they enslave humans and start selling them of on market. I was pissed out and beyond i buy all of them almost go bankrupt in the process saving 6 more of them. No one knew how many die in concentration camps on Old Terra and Alha Centauri.

Ok from then i knew what i have to do. That was my new goal to achieve. I was going to go there, kick those mushrom asses in to oblivion and restore Human Federation. For first step i did take some teritories from free stars and colonize new continental world whit earth humans. I send there most of earth humans pops there and create a new tributar state New Earth Union. They are doing well now and i start prepering my Crusade.

That was the most epic and fullfiling scenario i play for now in stellaris. Now i did start working up to biuld Fleet that will take Earth back from thos dirty xeno mushroms, and to help me out i find and dig out The Grand Herald. I am almost ready to start my First Crusadeand party hard on those mushroms heads. I will propobly make a part two of this saga.

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