My (not so original) take on the Necroids

stellaris 3 - My (not so original) take on the Necroids

Need some advice on this Species and what I can do to improve the annoyances I've been experiencing with it (See below for the species + traits).

I love the idea of this origin and species pack and how it combines with Lithoids. It's just suuuuper annoying to have to move pops around constantly and juggle having the right number of conversion temples to keep both populations in sync.

I've made it a bit easier for myself by going with Xenophobe so that I can Necrophage purge any species immediately that isn't the Prepatent species. And the combo of necro and lithoid means I don't have to worry about natural pop growth from the main species.

Originally I though I could use the Galactic senate proposition 'Grater than us' to help automate the movement of worker pop but it doesn't work on the prepatent species because they're 'slaves'.

So yea as much as I love the theme and playstyle, it's very micro intensive even after some of the adaptions I've made. Is this pretty much how it'll be or is there a few other tricks I can use to make the race slightly less micro intensive?

Name: Shardite / Pre-Shard

Species: Parasitic Lithoid (Necroid+Lithoid)

Prepatent species: Host Lithoid

Theme: Theme of the species is parasitic shards that implant themselves into a host and gradually calcifies the bone and tissue. The shards is actually a byproduct of the original union between the parasitic and the prepatent species and is gathered, stored and 'distributed' in the temples across the empire. This has been a tradition going on for millennia, having started in ancient caves, turned temples. Only Pre-Shards are converted in the temples, to harvest Shards, while all other species are necrophaged en mass once under the Shardite's control through purging.


Due to this secretive process the species as a whole is somewhat xenophobic, seeing all life as nothing more than vessels for themselves and also relatively spiritualistic. The process having taken on a divine aspect. Strict controls to safeguard shards and the secrecy of the process has also lead to an Authoritarian governmental structure. These all combine into an imperial cult civic with the extremely long lived god emperor as the figure controlling, or perhaps being controlled by, the priests responsible for the reproduction or propagation of the species. Who truly controls the Shardites will never be known.

The Shardite species itself has lost the ability to reproduce at all, or pehaps never had the ability, and some xenobioligists would even suggest that the Shardite and Pre-Shard species are one and the same species. Pre-Shards simply being another (subservient) sex or stage of the main species. What fluke, or even outside interference caused this shard compatibility with biological species though will never fully be understood.

Mining Guilds: A rather natural development of requiring a mineral diet for both he main and host species as well as the predominantly Alpine nature of their homeworld has lead to a strong natural tendency of extracting the life giving ores from the worlds they infest. This positions them favourably to expand into the galaxy. Running out of minerals will not be something this species will ever have to worry about.

Main species traits: Necrophage, Lilithoid, Weak, Fleeting, Intelligent, Natural engineers, Traditional

Prepatent species: Lithoid, Industrious, Slow Learners, Fleeting, Volatile Excretions

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