My personal opinion on 2.2 and the new DLC

stellaris 4 - My personal opinion on 2.2 and the new DLC

Hi all, so after playing at least 20 hours or so with the new version I believe I can form a proper opinionon this version. (I got 486 hours in total, so no… I'm not a new player)

First of all: This update feels rushed. Did they even test the game before release, or don't they go any further than 2300 in their livestreams, just so people wouldn't see how broken everything is . For example, the infinite money from the galactic market, or this one: I could invade a planet from across a starsystem, my armies didn't go into orbit, like what the actual f***. (Posted a video on this sub yesterday

They claimed this new system of planet management would take less micro and easier for the AI, well you guessed it: it makes it 10 times worse. Why are all the good jobs filled first? Highly annoying. And why does demoting those pops take 3 years! That is an incredibly long time to be jobless, and it takes a huge bite out of your productivity. I've had deficits of -50 food pop up because I built a single building on a planet. Those pops were working farms and all of a sudden they jump to the better jobs. That should not happen, it's a real pain. Now I have to go to each individual planet to decrease priority for clerk jobs to zero, so that I got a food surplus again. Now I get +175 food each month. See, what a difference this makes. So, if you don't want that to happen: Ignore the building slot available icon, ignore the jobless icon and let your amenities be negative. If you don't, one of your incomes will suddenly tank. You only have to check every 2 to 3 years or so, I know it's tempting to fix it earlier, but don't or you'll have to micromanage everything.

Extra tip, build all your mining, farming and generator districts immediately after colonizing and let the pops grow without building any amenity producing buildings before at least half of them are filled. Start with clerk jobs, they are in the same strata and shouldn't give you demotion delay.

Now about the AI: there's so many new things to manage right now: you have to manage trade income, make sure there aren't any pirates (though this is easy, I haven't had any pirates in my newest game and I don't know how I did that). There's also consumer goods, alloys, amenities and crime to manage. Let us not forget all the special resources which have a monthly gain right now. Those are all extra goods the AI must handle, together with the frequent tanking of the economy which we humans easily can get around, as I wrote in the previous paragraph. The AI can't, the system is now too complicated for them. I have tachyon lances on my ships with hyper shields, neutronium armor and all of my weapons full tier, while I haven't seen a single battleship of the AI, only cruisers with tier 3 shield, armor and weapons. I could wipe out the whole galaxy if I wanted, except for the FE.

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Now about the performance: Because the new system is way more complicated, lag sets in sooner than ever before. And since you can squeeze a 100 pops on earth instead of the usual 16 with the old tile system, where you could move pops freely, at zero cost from the job to job. The game will have more pops way earlier in game. In previous versions, I didn't colonize like crazy and could have 300 pops and be as strong as an empire that got 600 pops (Around the year 2400 or so). Now it's 2375 and I almost got almost 600 pops right now. And I haven't colonized even half of the planets in my territory. Earth alone has 100 as of now, and there are still jobs and housing for at least 15 more.

What's the use of sectors right now, you may ask. Well, simply put: none. Since regular AI is broken as hell, I presume sector AI isn't any different. So as of now, it has no use. I do like that the 25% loss of income is gone and that what your sectors earn, goes straight into your pockets, but I kinda liked those reserves. They were useful in times of crisis as in the end-game crisis/ the war in heaven. Now that is gone, so storage for minerals and alloys should go up. 15K is kinda low imo for alloys . Build a single battleship and 1K is gone. You were able to stack 40K minerals before, since that was the cost of a megastructure part (without cost reduction) in 2.1. That is around 22 battleships, with the storage of alloys, you can only build 15, which is a lot of fleetpower loss. Also, upgrades take way too long and are way too expensive. Even if you have multiple ship building slots, the time doesn't get reduced. It only would make sense if you have 6 available, time would only be 1/6th. That's some basic math. I believe you should be able to decide how many work on it, so you still can build ships in case an unexpected war pops up.

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As for the DLC, honestly… I'm okay with it, price should like be 5 dollars less, since the state of the game has been broken for so long and performance has been horrendous late game since 1.7. There once was a previous release that broke the game so bad and was so full of bugs (I believe it was 1.8), they promised us it wouldn't happen again and they would do more bugfixing before release and wouldn't rush it out anymore. I believe they broke that promise with this release. You rushed it Paradox and you didn't keep the promise of the space unicorns. Damn you wiz, you promised us. Paradox probably listened too much to the new song 'march for profits' and tried to do it IRL, by releasing a buggy version just before the steam sale. If all of this mess you made doesn't get fixed before the next DLC, I just will stop buying it. I own them all, but will cease buying them if you don't fix performance first or release a buggy version of the game.

I'm sick of this.

PS: Some of you may not agree with me, but at least tell me with what part you don't agree and how you see it personally. Or share some of your experiences

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