My Suggestions for the next big DLC/Update

stellaris 6 - My Suggestions for the next big DLC/Update

so, i'm actually retyping this whole thing. Yesterday, around the time that kind stranger was handing out DLC keys, I had typed a massive suggestion list full of ideas and whatnot, then my wifi went out, and i lost all of it. Now that i've gotten over around 30 minutes of ideas being lost, I figured I'd retype my thoughts and ideas. Enjoy, and lemme know what you think!

1. DLC Suggestions

The next DLC is coming up fairly soon, and personally I can't wait for it! There's a lot of different paths to go, but I personally want to see a diplomacy/politics redux, among other things. The following are my thoughts:

  • 1.1.) Diplomacy: This is something I've personally wanted to see for a long time. Since the new diplomacy changes came in 2.0, it always felt a bit lacking. There's many changes I'd like to see, and many additions. Those ideas are as follows: Treaty Revamp, War Goal/Casus Belli Revamp, Federation Revamp, and a Galactic UN.
    • 1.1.1.) Treaty Revamp: Personally, I dislike the new treaty system in general. In my opinion, just saying "Request Commercial Pact" and getting a generic response, along with the same benefits, is really dull, and this goes for every type of treaty, including peace treaties, because saying "force status quo," or "force surrender," is really generic, and besides, what if I want food for my troubles and not a new planet? I propose a modular system for treaties, with adjustable benefits. For example, say I want a research treaty. I would enter the treaty maker (likely an option in the diplomacy screen), click Research Agreement, and then possibly move a slider to change exactly how much research each party would be getting out of it. This could also be applied to peace treaties, where you could demand certain systems, along with food, energy credits, and so on.
    • 1.1.2.) War Goal/Casus Belli Revamp: Similarly to the above suggestion, Wars are rather bland. In my opinion, the war goals are A) Restricting, and B) serve no real purpose. Now I don't suggest getting rid of the war goals entirely, but I'd like something more loose, similar to Civ VI's war goal/casus belli system. You could choose what war goal you wanted, for starters, such as a liberation war (trying to return a friend's lost systems), an ideology war (converting the enemy to your ethics), a deposition war (deposing an enemy leader for a more favorable one, think US intervention in South America), and so on, with the possibility of declaring a total war, which would allow you to integrate systems as you conquer them, at the cost of high war exhaustion. This is one of my least fleshed out ideas, but I'm sure you get the point.
    • 1.1.3.) Federation Revamp: Honestly I've seen this a lot, and is fairly straightforward, but I want to see the federation system reworked, starting with federation types. There are different types of international alliances, and I think that having different types of federations would be interesting. For example, an economic alliance like the EU, which would give more benefits than a normal commercial agreement, or a militaristic alliance like NATO, purely focused on the defense of its member states, even though all of them have a lot of autonomy. Of course, it's not limited to just that. How about a democratic crusader alliance (Soviet Union-esque)? Or a spiritualist alliance (Papal States)? So on and so on. Perhaps also, we could have more fine things to go with that, like a specific way to choose the federation president, rather than just economic power. Perhaps tech level or fleet power can be the decider instead, or maybe they can be voted in democratically? This goes along with my penultimate federation idea, a federation parliament. If you choose/create a type of federation that would allow for a close commonwealth of nations, perhaps a federation assembly/parliament could be created, where laws that effect all member states could be passed, such as alloy subsidation or maybe immigration reform/enticement to allow for more people to cross into other member states. However finally, I suggest the ability to merge federations into one massive nation. Perhaps this could be a proposal in the federation parliament, but would require massive amounts of influence along with super strong opinion. Of course you'd need to rework the AI to better manage planets, because atm it sucks spending thousands of materials to fix captured AI planets.
    • 1.1.4.) Galactic UN: This suggestion is self explanatory, and would work a lot similarly to the aforementioned Federation Parliament. The galactic UN would be able to pass laws to subsidize resource/research production, condemn member states, impose sanctions, and several other things. It would also have a physical location, so perhaps if you wanted to drop out of the Galactic UN, you could also bomb the UN station while it's in session, sending the galaxy into turmoil.
  • 1.2.) Internal Politics: This is a kinda debated subject, but I'd personally like to see a wide reform of internal politics, that would add/remove dozens of features. To start off, I'd like to see a Gov Rework and a coup/civil war system.
    • 1.2.1) Internal Gov Rework: Currently, the government system in Stellaris is really… vague, and honestly pointless, because at the end of it, it doesn't matter who is elected in your nation, or what the emperor says, because all leaders have unlimited power and whatnot. However, I would like to see more options added to allow for a greater amount of intrigue into the inner workings of your government. Here are a few of my ideas:
      • Multiparty Legislature – This legislature is divided into many different parties, none of which are able to control a majority. This assembly type would be chaotic, and likely have many events to go with it as new alliances/elections occur within the legislature. Factions/Parties would have to fight and campaign for seats. There would be a unicameral variant, which would be based on population (you'd also have sliders to change how many pops = 1 seat), and a bicameral variant, which would be based on planet count and population size. The unicameral variant would be simplest, but a bicameral variant would be more interesting, as a bill passed in one houses by the xenophobic faction may not make it past the second house which is dominated by the xenophillic faction.
      • Two Party Legislature – This legislature is largely the same as the multiparty legislature, but is instead divided between two, wide reaching parties, and eventually maybe a couple smaller niche parties alongside the larger ones. The two main parties would likely encompass the political spectrum, such as a xenophilic, egalitarian, materialistic party, alongside a xenophobic, authoritarian, spiritualist faction. They don't have to encompass those specific ethics, but the two factions would essentially be the opposite of one another. Again, it'd have a bicameral/unicameral variant.
      • Single Party Legislature – This would be only accessible to authoritarian empires. One party controls the whole legislature, and bends to the will of the ruler.
      • No Legislature – The emperor rules supreme.
      • Parliamentary Civic – This would allow non-democratic/oligarchic governments to have more liberal legislatures. Perhaps this civic would only be accessible to Elective Monarchies and Constitutional Imperial governments.
      • Judicial Systems – This is similar to the Assembly idea, but would strike down actions by the ruler/legislature. In essence, if your country is eligible to have a judiciary, certain actions and laws might be struck down if they go against the "constitution," or founding ethos, of your nation.
      • Changing Ethos – If you don't have a founding ethos (it could be an option), perhaps the ethos of your nation could change with your ruler. For example, maybe you have a staunch egalitarian in office, but then a new xenophobe ruler is elected to take his place. Your country would then shift from egalitarian to xenophobic in nature.
    • 1.2.2) Civil War/Coup System: In times of low happiness, I'd like to see this come into action. This would give more reason to keep factions/leaders/pops happy, that way you know you aren't going to be deposed. This could also tie into player actions. For example, if you status quo or surrender in a war, the militarist faction would likely be displeased, and if their happiness is low enough, perhaps they could take over a couple of your fleets and attempt to take over your nation. This mechanic would be split into two types, a Civil War and a Coup.
      • Civil War – A civil war would be started by pops, either citizens or slaves. Large amounts of citizens with low happiness could attempt a revolt, taking several star systems along with the fleets within them. This would, in essence, be a war against another nation, and because they took some of your fleets, you'd have an actual fight on your hands. If you beat them back, that'll be it, although they'd be extremely unhappy for a while, but if you loose, then you loose, game over. So keep people happy.
      • Coups – A coup could happen if a large enough faction was kept unhappy for too long. Coups would be likely be started by that faction openly rebelling, taking a couple of your fleets/armies, and attempting to capture the capital. They'd start with no planets, but if it's a military coup, then you'd have a large force to go up against. In this way, coups could be more dangerous, as they'd have a better chance of being able to conquer you.
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2. Minor Suggestions


These are just a few minor suggestions that I had, and would like to see.

  • 2.1) More planet diversity – I know there's a mod for it, but I'd like to see more planet types, simply because I think having just 9 bland habitable worlds is really boring. Rather, I'd propose a spectrum of planet types, rather than a list, from Hot/Wet planets, to Cold/Dry planets, to Temperate/Normal planets. This would be something I personally would look forward to, because each of these new planet types could have possible events, and beautiful cityscapes and much more. The reason I put this here, is because if Stellaris put this type of thing in vanilla, it would likely be a lot more stable, and those vanilla purists out there wouldn't have to worry about getting new planets.
  • 2.2) Animated Cityscapes – This is a small one, but I'd love to see animated cities behind leaders. Think about it, talking to another leader as hovercars fly around in the background, lights turn on and off, a moon rising in the background, you get the point. Another small thing, but personally I'd like it.
  • 2.3) More Events – I'd like to see more planetside events, because as it stands, the game at home just seems a bit dry. Once you run out of room to explore, you don't really see many things come up at home. I'd like to see festivals, disasters, and so on.
  • 2.4) More Anomaly Chains – It seems like the devs are already doing this, but honestly I just want more insight into anomolies, like what exactly did the alien mural say? Or what was the Irassian homeworld like? You get the point
  • 2.5) Reworked AI – Self explanitory

There are a few other suggestions, but they're small and not worthwhile.

Thank you for reading this far! Lemme know what you think, along with your own suggestions!

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(Side note, thanks to everyone who upvoted/commented on my insane scientist post! Thanks to you all, that's my most popular post on any of my accounts! I mean I went from 400 karma to 1.6k! That's insane!)

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