My Thoughts on 2.2.6 after 150 hours

stellaris 6 - My Thoughts on 2.2.6 after 150 hours

Originally I was going to comment this on someone elses post, but I got a bit long winded, so here's my thoughts.

From what I've played of it:

Hot and Cold AI intelligence which either is a strategic mastermind in the early game and wipes the floor with you, or rolls over late early game- early mid game to be destroyed at your convenience.

A certain anomally which can absolutely ruin your expansion plans. (This one would be fine if it had a limiter that makes it so that it doesn't spawn on garunteed planets or within the first 50 years or so)

I cannot believe I'm saying this, but old sectors were FAR superior to what we have now, but if they come back, AI fixes holy hell.
The Micro has gotten WAY out of control towards the end of mid game to the point of wars being so incredibly draining on your resources you should never try to conquer a planet.

Alloys are still too weak to keep up with the AI's bonus in the early game and the AI is too dumb to improve their alloy output by mid game.

Balance between expansion and military strength is borked due to alloy shortages. (either be fat and weak or small and strong)

Building enough alloy plants to make up for a deficit results in an energy crisis as you also try to build enough consumer goods as well.

Pops seem like they grow excruciatingly slow early game, perpetuating alloy, consumer goods and energy issues early game.

Out of control mineral production which really begs the question of why you would ever need a mineral world other than to sell on the market until you've decreased the value of minerals to nothing and your energy crisis.

Mid-Game pops growing out of control which necessitates the Social Wellfare policy which leads to a need for even more consumer goods which kills energy production and strategic resources which, if you have none, escalate your energy crisis further with the strategic resource buildings.

Inability to reasonably fight back against the Great Khan when they awaken due to early game alloy shortages.

If your planets aren't all generator worlds, you'll not last much longer passed the Great Khan jumping through a worm hole to say hello to your empire. Or him just washing over your 7k fleet with his multiple 10k's (I may just be bad at the game on this one.)


Administrative Capacity is a psychological nightmare because of how it describes exactly where your empire is falling appart and punishes you for it and sometimes it feels overly punishing on already scarse energy credits (Science is easy enough to balance out at the cost of even more energy)

Piracy is just aweful in general. I can't afford a patrol fleet and my military fleet because I'm spending too much energy on not enough alloy production and I tend to expand too fast to be able to keep up with building stations along the routes and have station capacity.

The good news is:

Megacorps are quite playable with energy production actually decent enough as long as you remain smaller and don't pass administration cap too much

Hive Mind's pop growth is actually decent enough to start off on with higher pop growth speed and a few other perks.

Performance towards late game on my rig has been exceptionally smooth since 2.2.6

The new planet interface is nice and makes things a little easier to read and figure out.

The new interface, while unwieldy at first with the side pop up bar, did grow on me after 10 hours or so.

Stations are effective now at warding away AI fleets up until mid game at the latest unless the system is large and the fleet can sneak by the station or they were one of the few AI that have a brain good enough to build a decent fleet.

End Game

I have yet to have an empire make it this long. I typically get ruined beyond repair by the Khan, or my energy crisis hits stage 2 and selling produced items isn't enough to keep up, or I actually try war and the one planet I capture sucks 200 food per turn which I also cannot keep up with since every planet I have is dedicated to energy production which then also tanks despite constant rushing of the energy production techs and station output, or I just get stomped by an early AI rush because they can seemingly spawn a 1.5k fleet of corvets, completely ignoring fleet cap.

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