My worst run

stellaris 5 - My worst run

I was playing as xenophobe, fanatic egalitarian, arctic world; doomsday origin.

I abandoned several games because I thought they were too easy.

(Stellaris, I know you cant hear me, but when I start a doomsday game with an arctic world, don't give me a system with 3 arctic worlds 2 jumps from my home. That kinda defeats the purpose.)

But then… I had this one.

Here is a brief history, as I recall it.


Surveying surroundings. Nothing useful. Found traces of Irrasian concordat.

Surrounded by cultist ships and amoebas. Very depressed.

Eventually found:

A tropical planet size 13.

2 desert planets size 12.

A tundra planet size 11. Very, very far away. And guarded by space amoebas.

And thats all. I guess the dwarf tundra planet will have to do.

2220 (?)

We beat the amoebas and are preparing to colonize tundra planet. Its getting quite urgent, original world wont last long.

I constructed a starbase in the tundra planet system about 10 seconds before AI did. The amoebas actually helped me here, because they kept AI away.

I also colonized a desert planet with 30% habitability. At least I can have some bureaucrats there. Also, it had a toy factory, you have to have that.

A size 18 alpine world discovered, blocked by an alien empire that rivaled me immediately.


Pretty much as soon as it possibly could, my main world exploded. 1 ruler pop was left behind. Thats fine, we had no job on him on other 2 planets and if we resettled him, he would just be unemployed and unhappy for about 250 years before changing profession.

Pioneer plaque broke my windshield, giving me Sol coordinates. The last of the cultist is apparently also in Sol system.

Sol system currently unreachable because of 3000 space amoebas. Not sure what is there, havent had this event before.

2240 (?)

Brain slug discovered on a faraway jungle planet. Against all reason, I decided to go with it, because I never had this event before and I was curious.

My 2 planets, which already sucked, now had around 10% stability, because of "brain slug phobia".

This was when the game really started going to hell.

I went for a hale mary pass or whatever you call it, declared war on my rival – Husko – and seized that alpine world. He had a fleet design that was easy to counter (lasers + some picket/mostly armor). Still, it was pretty close.


My size 11 tundra world can support no more population, until I get some better buildings techs. (35 pops at the moment)

I cleared a blocker, but it spawned sentinels, who also count as a blocker. Thanks, Stellaris.

With population controls, planet dropped to 0% stability. All sorts of fun, cute modifiers started appearing on both my planets, to make sure everything goes even more into hell.

Caravaneers appeared, offered a useless trade and stole my money.

While still colonizing alpine planet, it had some event with pre sapients that I didnt even realize existed, somehow lost another 300 credits. Its not that much, but I am starting to realize that the game is out for blood.


Spent 15 years hardly doing anything. As soon as I had 1000 minerals or 250 alloys, I sold them and bought food or consumer goods.


I was not lucky with techs this game. You know, how as you proceed in tech tree, more options open for you, to help you solve your problems? This time, everything I got was useless. Came close to total bankruptcy so many times I lost count.

Despite 3.0 primitives, I had none. No slave market either. No capacity overload. No droids. None of the things that you would normally use to try to get ahead.

Colonized 2 nearby systems just so I could excavate sites in them and sell minor artifacts. I found 4.

This game has a site that gives you +100 minor artifacts, but that is saved only for occasions when you don't actually need it.

Most of the time my res looked like 150(-70) 200 (+50) 160 (-35) 100 (-27) 120 (+18).

Playing stellaris on higher difficulties is like being USSR in the eighties. I need to maintain that big fleet, but at the same time, its killing me.

It is hell. Pure hell.

Alpine world went feral, productivity dropped further.


Stupid slug stability modifier finally gone. Feral modifier on alpine world turned to "Lesser evil".

-5% stability, +200% pop growth. That is karma for taking that brain slug -25% pop growth modifier.

The "spore vents" planetary feature is arguably the best bonus here, a lot of jobs that produce exotic gases.

Terraforming discovered, but no money yet.

3/5/2266 My rival declares war, his fleet outnumbering me 3:1.

1/1/2266 I form a defensive pact with a powerful empire that I had been sucking up to, giving me some time I desperately need to stabilize. I totally meant to do this.

So far, I have one ascension perk. It takes about 15 years to get a new tradition. This game is horryfying if you dont go wide early.

Slave market, I mean galactic market, was established. 2 species for sale. Both had gaia world preference. I guess I will just have to do without slaves this run.


Husko declared war, despite me having a defensive alliance. Well it seems that AI realized that alliance isnt worth crap when the other person is 50 000 light years away.

Severely outnumbered I am losing stations and retreating.

But then – a new contact. A marauder empire! Would have been nice 6 months ago, but this is also ok. I paid 4000 energy to rent a fleet.

I combined the fleets, but still cant engage. Husko fleet is busy taking my stations, I beelined for its capital, and only planet. (yeah, ai totally beats me in production and fleet numbers when I have 3 planets and it has one).

Remember how my precursor was the Irrasian condiment? I actually finished that event chain. And at this point, I am really, really bitter.

Having said that, I bombed the planet with javorian pox for a year and the population went from 72 to 77. Thanks, Stellaris. Not making this up.

In the end, planet invaded and since it was their only one, their empire was destroyed.

At this moment I learned of a wonderful new way to make money. Selling slaves. Its almost as good as purging! Finally, enough money for terraforming.

The rest of the game went rather smoothly. Sol system had cockroaches.

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