Need guidance on what to buy and what’s new!

stellaris 8 - Need guidance on what to buy and what's new!

Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I posted in this sub, but with the DLC's of Stellaris on sale I'm planning on buying some of them to compliment my base game which I started playing again. The thing is I don't really know what DLCs are a must-have, besides Utopia and Apocalypse, and even between those I don't know which one to buy since I don't currently have the money to buy all of them. So, if you guys could give me your opinions on what's the recommended DLC so start building up my library and also, a brief rundown on what's the game like today, 'cause I read something that with Apocalypse they changed up quite a few things? And more changes are coming with Megacorps. Of course I'm not asking for the specific details but if you could give me just an overall idea on how the game "plays" now, that would be great, and any links to dev diaries to read the specifics would be quite welcome too.


Thanks everybody!


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