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stellaris 3 - New crisis concept

I was thinking about what kind of science fiction threats would make good concepts for stellaris crisis events, not sure if mid or late wood be better suited but anyways;

This crisis is based on the Thrint, and to a lesser extent The Mule and the Rakat. The idea is a primitive world is visited by advanced aliens, and the primitives use their unstoppable mind control powers to take over the advanced aliens who found them and make them their slaves.

Instead of the typical spawn random massive fleets thing that most crisis do this one would spawn more normal sized fleets and psychic avatars, but would also cause members of enemy fleets to switch sides mid battle as the Powerful Psionic Primitives take over crew's minds mid battle.


The event would trigger when a planet goes unexplored for a long enough time. The closest science ship would disappear and if player controlled they'd receive notice that their science ship's crew had been plagued by nightmares and had become obsessed with a particular system. Soon after the ship reappears on the nearest well developed colony, which immediately splits into its own extremely warlike expansionist faction.

technologies to prevent losing ships/armies/planets to mind control would become available after their appearance. Robot empires should be at an advantage against this crisis, psychics should be more even, and others should be at a slightly greater disadvantage.

thoughts, ideas? Other crisis concepts?

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