New End Game Crisis: Gene Modification gone wrong!

stellaris 3 - New End Game Crisis: Gene Modification gone wrong!

It struck me as a bit strange that Stellaris doesn't have a classic sci-fi trope of the mad scientist. Also it struck me that there is no disaster spawning from "Has Science gone too far!?" and "We spent so long asking whether we could, that we didn't stop and ask whether we should." I also like the cliche of viruses taking over hosts to slowly take over the Galaxy (like the Flood off Halo)
Anyway, as you can see by the title, the disaster would come about if you research a dangerous technology for super-population growth or something like that.

The disaster would start with a mad scientist from the weakest Galactic empire (or you) getting angry with how he has been scorned by society.

"They said they wanted science! Progress! Perfection! But as soon as I gave it to them, they said my techniques were too brutal! Pah, petty morality! It constrains the greats like myself!" He goes off to his secret lair on a border world in an uninhabited planet. There he begins to experiment on slaves, poor captured citizens, and himself. Some time passes, and nobody has heard from the strange doctor, but there are strange reports of abductions and a strange new species nobody has ever seen in the area…

One or two border worlds go missing, and these systems can't be ignored any longer. Going in to investigate, a few ships with a military escort explore the planets that went quiet. No response is heard from them….


A few weeks later, it finally begins. The lost ships appear on the horizon. They don't respond to any signals, and they look entirely unfamiliar, save for the logo of the Zorn Empire, and the metal still underneath, it can't be recognized for all the strange mould and buboes growing on the hull. It crashes into the nearest inhabited world, and with great armies appearing, the end is nigh.

"You rejected me for my genius, for my greatness, but now the time has come! Rejoice, for we shall all become perfect!" It looks horrible, unrecognizable, but the voice and tone is distinctly that of the scientist that dissapeared long ago. The being before looks disgusting, but otherwise has every positive trait genetically a species can have. And it devours. It simply devours.

News comes of parasites being found on two or three worlds throughout the galaxy. They do not stop breeding, they do not stop attacking. They arrived on crashed civilian ships, but every pop, slave and noble alike, all become one under the writihing mass.

All that remains is for the galaxy to try and stop the tide of change, the likes of which it has never seen before….

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