New Frontiers Dev Diary: Subclasses and more

stellaris 6 - New Frontiers Dev Diary: Subclasses and more

A lot of time has passed since the release of the last diary on New Frontiers. Those who have not read this landmark story about disasters, be sure to read (Diary № 1, Diary № 2)! A lot of things happened, I was very busy, and then my daughter was born. And yet I found time to work on the mod. This diary will not be as large as the previous ones, but it will also be final. I finish the development of all the important things in this mod, then there will be polishing, testing, writing texts. This also takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, I will publish a test version earlier, because I myself can not cope with the search for all errors, a lot of new code has appeared. I struggled to publish a test version before the release of the new DLC, but most likely I will not be in time. Now I will tell you how the subclasses will change and what other changes await you.

Once I wrote somewhere that I do not like subclasses as they turned out. I mean, they are essentially just modifiers that most often appear without a system or logic. All subclasses are essentially anomalies, but in my understanding there should be typical and atypical subclasses. By typical, I understand subclasses that can appear very often and depend on certain conditions of the planet and determine a specific stage or state of this world. Atypical subclasses are rare worlds that are distinguished by a very rare feature. Such worlds are essentially unique. So I decided to add a fourth type of subclass – the exotic world. By such planets will be very rare, no more than one subclass for the entire game. In this regard, I made a small permutation and the two old subclasses will now become unique: this is Exotic World (now called the Fungal World) and Algic Seas. A few more subclasses underwent changes: Megaflora is now the Forest World, the Fog World is now a Poisonous World. And I completely removed Death World, until I decided what to do with it, but most likely it will again become just a modifier.

Someone knows, and someone does not, but in New Frontiers there are 4 textures for a Tidal Locked modifier planet. I have long wanted to make this world more significant and therefore I have to inform you that in my mod about subclasses for the first time a new class of planets appears – Tidally Locked World. This world will have three additional subclasses: Arid, Oceanic, and Arctic. Accordingly, they will all have certain parameters and types. But one feature of this world remains unchanged – there is little living space.


So we smoothly move on to the topic of the living space of the Underground World and the Ice World. I heard a lot of complaints about the allegedly "futility" of these worlds. I do not agree, because these worlds cannot be bombed from orbit, and therefore at the early stage of the game these are ideal fortress worlds. And now, as I promised now, these worlds will have the opportunity to dig tunnels and thereby increase the number of areas. You can do this through certain planetary decisions.

Most of the old modifiers, like Heavy Sandstorms, will cease to be permanent and will become the consequences of periodic events that will occur mainly on extremal worlds. Some modifiers, for example, Two Suns or the Red Giant, I removed completely, they are too unbalanced and basically only interfere. Perhaps these modifiers will appear in the future, but in a different vein, I need to think about how to better implement this.

Periodic events of subclasses are another thing I have long wanted to add. For obvious reasons, I can’t talk about this in more detail, but I will say that this is due to seasonal changes in certain types of subclasses that they will characterize.

As I promised, in most subclasses you can start. You will have such an opportunity with the release of patch 2.6 and the introduction of origins. I also promised compatibility with Planetary Diversity. I will do it, but since our mods in a sense repeat each other, then if you start using these two mods together most of the subclasses and some functions in New Frontiers will be disabled.

I continue to hone my skills in drawing. I bought a tablet graphically, used several techniques, studied the basic theory, now I need a lot of practice. In general, I am satisfied with the result. I redrawn art for a subclass of Pangea. He painted a new art for Rocky World, which will make up for the loss of a subclass of Death World. And of course 4 new art for Tidally Locked Worlds. In the future I plan to release at least two updates per month, where I will add one new subclass and redraw the old one.

So the diary has ended, now I'm getting to work, very soon you will be able to try everything yourself. Join our Discord server and participate in discussions. Write your suggestions, ideas, together we make the game more interesting! Subscribe to my Patreon, your support is very important to me!

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