New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

stellaris 8 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Hello Everyone,

I like to play stellaris. I have modified my previous guide according to tips I recieved from the community and personal experiences. The purpose of this guide is to make the best species in terms of pure trait points, not the most viable strategy to win games. Also, please not that this modification process takes time, so it is not very competitive. Likewise, I have done it on the "Admiral" difficulty only, not "Grand Admiral", with normal aggression settings. My previous guide can be found here:

This is the result:

izgq30h4kst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Summary: Inclusion of caravaneer event, inclusion of self-modification event, inclusion of enigmatic cache event. Also, I crossbreed the "nivlac" trait into my species, which was one of the most biggest pains I have ever tried to accomplish. If you dont want that, you cant take any other trait you want. I will explain my reasoning for it under point 1. Also, I assume by this point we all know the color box / formerly speed demon, Horizon Signal, Brainslugs, so I dont go into them in detail.

Followingly, I will go through it step-by-step. Please forgive me, but since I already typed the basic strategy once, I will take parts of my previous guide and modify the earlier post according to the changes I made.

  1. Create any species. It does not have to have repugnant, but if you want to crossbreed in the "nivlac" trait, you need to be "non-adaptive" (Habitability -10%) . The "nivlac" trait gives Habitability +50%, Pop Growth Speed +15%. According to the wiki, it is worth 2 trait points. Rapid Breeders, Adaptive and Extremely adaptive only gives u 30 % Habitability and 10% Pop Growth. This is why in my opinion, I needed to include this trait (another big difference to my previous guide. The user "Casaboa" supported this idea. Now if you dont want to get nivlac, obviously you dont have to get the event. In this case, just get any crossbreed you want. I would in this case recommend to get Pops with the "Numistic Administration" trait (Did not do this, should be possible though. Buy the pops from the caravaneers).
  2. Start as Xenophile (not fanatic xenophile). That is because you want to take the Ascenion Perk "Xeno Compatibility".´+1 trait point, +1 trait slot. You need to get a Hybrid of your MAIN Race later.
  3. Play on the biggest map size, send out a tone of science ships. You need the speed demon, horizon signal and brainslug events. Farm them. Also, and this is important: Set the planet density to 1, 1.5 is even better, the higher the better without hindering the game fun. That is only necessary if you want to include "nivlac". If you do not want, any planet density is fine, as long as you get all the events previously mentioned. I will explain the details further down, but basically you need a planet many negative modifiers to habitability, and those are quite rare.
  4. Start your game. Focus on social research. Research all genetic modifications point technologies, including full bio Ascension (Gene Tailoring +1, Targeted Gene Expressions +1, Engineered Evolution +3, Evolutionary Mastery +3). TIP: DO NOT let any other species into your empire. With the xenophile ethics, it is hard to control your population. The more species are in your empire, the harder it will be to get the crossbreed of your main race that you need.
  5. Get the Nivlac Event. Be nice to your mushroom friends, settle on your homeworld. Get a crossbreed between your main race and the nivlac having the nivlac trait. I got it the first time, I dont know if you always get it. But since nivlacs dont have many traits, your chances are good (and this is the only part where I admit you might want to reload an earlier save if you dont get in in this guide).

z6b6w0mnnst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Please remember: "Nivlac" cannot be added or removed by "Genetic Modification".

2w7wltharst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

  1. Shift your ethics!!! Again, user Casaboa gave me what I had missed: " I don't know if this is the reason why you couldn't get your hybrid species to work with the self modification event but I do have a theory.

The event chain can only get flag to progress if you do NOT have "Xenophile" or "Pacifist" as a governing ethic. I say this because to take the xeno-compatability perk you need to be xenophile. This means that if you trigger the self modification event before changing your ethic you won't get flagged for creating the "tension" events."

So yes, shift your ethics. No pacifists, so make war and if you have farmed it, finish the "Old God" events chain to get a spiritualist shift. This is better than promoting/suppressing factions, this takes so very long.

6.Colonize the worst possible world with those Half-Nivlac Pops. Nivlac is a big part of what makes this guide superior to my previous one, so let me explain why: For the next (Self-modification) event you need a planet with habitability < 0.4 and happiness <0.5. If you dont take nivlac, thats easy. Just take a 20% habitability planet and voila. PROBLEM: Nivlac gives you plus 50 % habitability. Now you would THINK a tomb world with a negative modifier would to the trick. NOPE. Do you think I would ever find one?

294pqbscost21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

No. I never found a suitable tomb world. So instead, I went with this:

01tnbtt0pst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

To find a suitable planet, use the function on the top of the expansion planner and search for your crossbreed.

4rpgxx66pst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Settle this miserable world with your Half-Nivlac Pops. Again, this is so much easier if you crossbreed any other trait into your species other than nivlac, then you can use basically every 20% habitability planet. Let them grow, dont build anything, let the Happiness slide below 50%. After 5 pops, your happiness will drop sharply. The event "Self modification" will trigger eventually.

0v7nluhfqst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

pycmtek4rst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

There is one point I want to mention: I do not know if the developers inteded this, but actually, sometimes the self-modified Species keeps "nivlac" and sometimes it doesnt. The problem for me here is: The new species "should get a new set of random traits". So if "nivlac" "cannot be added or removed" (see above), what is it then? Again, if you dont want nivlac, then you dont need to save/reload if you dont get it. However, we have gone though all this pain until now, so I want it.


  1. Now use ALL your genetic modification points including the special traits from Bio-Ascension BEFORE the next events trigger.

I used "fertile", robust" and "Conformists". Now yes, there are more useful traits than conformists, but strange as it seems, I like a little roleplay too;).

iy19xyj6sst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Modify your pops. Do NOT use erudite, which will later be removed by the worm. DO NOT use Rapid Breeders, Strong, Resilient, Intelligent, Natural Physicists. We will get them later.

  1. Now, a series of events will follow. There will be a mini-war between your Species and the half -modified species. "Rising tensions" will lead to friction, then they will bomb each other, then "Increased Fertility" and "Increased Strength" will add the "rapid breeders" and "strong" traits.

tbajtefyrst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

my84vc6sqst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

Then they look like this:

928u6a7vsst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter
  1. Make a colony not more than 3 hyperjumps from "Chors Compass" (The Caravan system). In time, your pops will get the resilient trait (new event).

z5r7y4ubvst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

10.Add the speed demon box, chose from "social pheromones", "bioadaptability" and "limited regeneration". I took "social pheromones", because JESUS, we do have enough habitability.

  1. Add brainslugs.

  2. Make the Horizon event. Now here is a little thing: "Repugnant" is worth -2 points. Intelligent and Natural Physicists is worth +2. So We dont actually GAIN any points purely mathematical, since "tomb world habitability" per se does not have a point value assigned to it, ans thus is 0 points. But in my opinion, Tomb world habitability is just awesome, and also what would this guide be if we didnt use the worm? Finish the main quest and your pops get the "tomb world habitability" and "natural physicists". Finish the "The messenger" event. This makes your pops "intelligent", if you are militarist. If you are pacifist, you would get "resilient", but we already have it from the carvaneers and dont want it. Past the trouble with your Self-Modified Species, you should not have the Pacifist Ethos anyway.

  3. Wait and do the "Enigmatic Cache" event. "Sir Broles" pointed out in my last guide, that the Cache only compares the tech-level of non-AI Empires, and he was right! So you CAN get it, even though your research is very good. However, there is one thing I do not quite understand: As far as I understand, adding the "Uplifted" trait used to remove Intelligent or Erudite a while ago (?yes, no?). I am playing 2.2.7, and for me, it did NOT remove intelligent. If anyone has any insight into this, input would be very welcome. However, if it should be a Bug, a) it is still better than intelligent due to 25% leader XP gain, and b) it might cause a small discussion with purists if the Worm would be worth it (since technically, as previously mentioned, repugnant is -2 points, and if intelligent is removed, that leaves natural physicists (+1) and tomb world habitablity (worth it, but technically 0 points), so you would end up with -1 points.

  1. Make them psionic, 2 Options:

14.1 If you have the "Fanatic Spiritualist" Ethos (quite possible, since you finished the "Old God" event: Create a vassal empire with 10 Planets. With your "fanatic spiritualist" ethos they will go psionic ascension nearly every time, and so the pops become psionic. Re-conquer them or integrate them.

14.2 Thanks to "mscomies": "Instead of trying to spiritualist ethic shift, find a psionically ascended AI empire and sign a migration treaty with them. Eventually, one of your pops will migrate to them, get psychically assimilated, and migrate back. Alternately, use your primary species to colonize a habitat/planet on a system close to them, gift it over, wait for them to assimilate, and conquer it back. Stealing your pop back with barbaric despoilers/nihilistic acquisition would work too, but that would make it harder to get stuff like xeno compatibility"

  1. 5. Give your pops to a Driven Assimilator Empire. They will become cyborgs. Take them back and you are finished.

Your pops now look like this:

e5nokcf9vst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

They are:

-Tomb World preference

– Cybernetic

– Psionic

– self modified (does nothing)

– Uplifted

– social pheromones

– Brain Slug Host

– Fertile

– Robust

– Intelligent

– Rapid Breeders

– Conformists

– Nivlac

– Natural Physicists

– Strong

– Resilient


Their bonuses are:

4tsgov0bvst21 - New Genetic Perfection, Happy Easter

One might argue in how far a habitability with of more than 100% is useful. THat would let to arguments in how far crossbreeding "nivlac" into them is useful. For me, however, 1. The challange was there, and 2. the pure 15% Pop grwoth was worth it. In a normal playthrough though I might not recommend it, since 1. Finding a suitable planet takes ages, big galaxies with high planet-density slow down my PC, and 2. Keeping Nivlac after the self modification event (see above) is inconsistent for me. Why can we not get an event with and "Irradiated" Tomb World, that would be so nice and solve everything *cry* ;).

In General, I crossbreed normal traits into them, which works fine and doesnt cause headaches. However, please remember: Taking a 2 point trait is best, since when you genetically modify your "Post-Half" Species, you are not only limited by trait points, but also by the number of traits. What good is it to have trait points left when you cannot add any more traits?

Thanks to "Casaboa", "SirBroles" and "mscomies" for valuable tips on how to improve my previous minmax concept! I am not sure, but even if we avoid the trouble of crossbreeding in nivlac, I am pretty sure this is the most one can get into a species at the current version of the game.

Any feedback or input would be most welcome!

Have a nice Easter Time!

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