New idea: A militaristic, xenophobic X-COM style Megacorp civic.

stellaris 6 - New idea: A militaristic, xenophobic X-COM style Megacorp civic.

If your xenophile, fanatic pacifist empire is being threatened by xenos from beyond with almost no options for deterrence left, you can still pull a final card from your sleeve. But it'll cost you.

Defense Consultants almost invariably rise out of the ashes of a heavily-invaded planet. Having faced off, survived and thrived against alien invaders who eliminated all traditional forms of government, the Defense Consultants were glad to fill the power vacuum with their new reverse-engineered weaponry and hardline ideals. Now branching out into space, they are happy to help any civilization who does not share their ideals; after all, what's the point of helping invaders?

As the last line of defense against Fanatic Purifiers and Devouring Swarms, their branch offices are capable of increasing your research output, producing veteran Defense Armies, raising your fleet capacity and even providing intel on enemy territory… At the cost of harmful events where they encroach on local authority, and heavily increased Militarist and Xenophobe attraction, both of which exacerbate the other over time.


Just like any long-term solution to a short-term problem, the DC Branch Offices can quickly seem like an unnecessary nuisance as soon as the threat that prompted their opening is gone. Uprooting them from their heavily-fortified underground bases, however, is no easy task, and neither is dealing with the fleets that eventually come to assist them. Recklessness may very well lead to an Empire becoming a subsidiary, one that pays in Research Output instead of energy credits.

Some other Empires, however, could see the ideological hardening of their population as a welcome bonus; maybe they grew tired of being an Inward Perfection/Agrarian Idyll and would like to go out and conquer on their own. With enough influence, it is perfectly possible to manage that transition peacefully through faction embracing and civics change, but take too long or act too hastily in doing so and you may see the Consultants take on a bigger role than they originally announced.


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