New origin idea: “Invader Repeller”

stellaris 1 - New origin idea: "Invader Repeller"

I present to all of you modder an idea of an origin "Invader Repeller"


  • Must be Xenophobic.


  • Homeworld is a Tomb World, and your people get Survivor.

  • Bonus one destroyer with different design, equiped with T3 weapons.

  • Three level 5 anomalies "Alien Battleship Remnant" spawn near your empire, each contain 5-10 months of engineering research and one of the following tech, randomly:

    • Destroyer hull configuration.
    • Next laser weapon.
    • Next kinetic weapon.
    • Next armor technology.
    • Next shield technology.
    • Next reactor technology.
    • If all of the above is already at Tier 3 or higher, then you get 8-16 more monthd of engineering research.
  • Complete all of these anomalies will give you an empure modifier "Alien Engineering Mastery", that give +5% engineering research speed and +50% reward from debris research.

  • An advanced xenophobic empire will spawn near you, with its capital replace one of your guaranteed habitable world, at 4 hyperlane away. Their capital is a fully developed size 25 planet. They also start with all Tier 3 technology, destroyer hull, -60% ship upkeep, and 6 destroyer. They will also get one ship of the highest hull configuration they have each 3 month for free if they are at war with you.

  • This empire will have -1000 opinion toward you as "Repel our invasion", you have -1000 opinion toward them (Invade us). Both of you have a Total War casus belis with each other at the start, and they will declare it on you on sight regardless of strength.

  • If the advanced empire that invade you are wiped out, pop of your main specie will gain permanent +20% happiness bonus. You also get +10% ship fire rate in battle with them. In exchange, as long as the advanced empire still exist, Pop of your main specie will have -20% happiness malus and +20% xenophobic attraction. You also get +10% naval cap and ship build speed only if your naval power is pathetic compared to them.

  • Story: This specie has been invaded by an technologically superior alien, but fough bravely and finally be able to repel the invader, at the cost of their homeworld get devastated beyond recognition. After years of rebuilt and reverse-engineer alien tech, finally they can make it to the star. Unfortunately, the evil and powerful invader still lurking out there, eyeing their homeworld like a hungry beast.

  • Effect:

    • Three alien anomaly spawn near your homeworld with interesting reward.
    • One bonud Destroyer at the start.
    • An hostile advanced empire spawn near you, with massive bonus in all aspect. Still, you get some bonus in war them, and permanent bonus if they are wiped out.

——————- Please feel free to state your opinion about this origin. It was intended to give you a challenging early game, but also an headstart if you beat the invader.

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