New player – Finished my first game. I have questions

stellaris 6 - New player - Finished my first game. I have questions


I've finished my first game. It was amazing. Here are my questions for you so that i can improve my gameplay.


I have the feeling that the RNG with the leader traits and initial research options can really change the done. When you get all tech boosting research options in the start of the game; it helps. Is my impression wrong ? What do you usually rush ?


I have no clue how to do expansion right. In early game what i need most is energy so basically i take all close system where there is 3 energy to mine. And i think this is stupid because in late game most of the system are useless and gives nothing compared to planets. I tried an alternative as : rushing for system in order to control others expansion but it was expensive in influence points. What do you usually rush in the expansion phase ?


In my game my economy was not top notch but started to have a very high value a bit too late near the end of the game.

I simply stumbled across an Ecumenopolis, which i turned into a giant Alloy foundry. (I dont have the Megacorp DLC; the planet was discovered due to an event). How do you manage to have a good economy ? Colonize all the planets ? Even if they are size 11 -14?

In late game is there an advantage to dump useless systems to reduce administrative load ?


I realized that corvette spam was the most efficient and dumb way to manage a fleet. With a good leader i got 97% evasion for them. How do you integrate the other designs in your fleet ? I unlocked titans only for the ascension perk.


Also, with a good gateway network; is there an advantage to drop FTL drives from the fleet ? I would love to replace FTL drive by another weapon for defensive wars.

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What are your thoughts about the Hull regenerating tissues ? I dont think it is worth the slot it takes.

Crisis :

Can there be two of them in a game ? I had the prethorians and then i tried to trigger other crisis by learning dangerous techs but nothing happened.


Ho god those AI are stupid. I am usually a diplomat in games so i told myself why not grouping with the stupid AI around me ? Well the only hypothetical use they had is maybe dissuaded other empires to attack me . I then could be more lazy at upgrading my ships/military techs. My question is : is there a use to be in a federation ? Can you win the game without one ?

Awakened empires:

In my game, one fallen empire awakened and rushed straight to the scourge. Made tons of victory points. At the end of the crisis i could not fill the gap and did not won the game – ended second.

How do you deal with those ? War straight when they awaken ? My fleet power was about 80k but between me and the awakened empire i got two choke-points guarded by citadels of 30k power. I tried to taunt them by claiming all the AE sectors, insulting them, declaring rivalry, but they did not declare war .. I couldn't declare war since the people in my faction rejected the proposal.

Thank you all 🙂

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