New purge types?

stellaris 5 - New purge types?

Okay, I know this is a suggestion that has nearly been done to death, but with the release of 2.2 and its array of new mechanics and resources, I feel like this is a topic that's worth bearing discussion again.
The game could definitely benefit from new purge types, as well as a few that aren't limited only to xenophobes (because only being able to create refugee crises as an authoritarian feels a bit lackluster).
Of course, many of my suggestions probably wouldn't make it into the game because the devs are too busy with hotfixing 2.2 to worry about flavor additions, but these ideas could be modded in. I'd be willing to at least try to mod them in, if someone can point me in the direction of any resources regarding how to mod stellaris. Note that I said "try", because I would probably mess it up. But I am willing to give it an attempt.
With that unnecessarily long preface out of the way, here are a couple of my ideas:

  • Sapient Sacrifice: available to xenophobic spiritualists. Purged pops produce +10% unity for priest jobs and possibly amenities.

  • Reconstitution: available to xenophobic materialists, possibly unlocked by bio ascension. Purged pops provide +15% growth for your non-undesirables-class pops. The idea here is that the biological material of purged pops is used as a substrate for your own species' propagation.

  • Dissident Suppression: available to authoritarians. Pops are purged very slowly but provide a +5% boon to stability as well as a -10% reduction to crime. A -10% to ethics shift would make sense too, but that might make this one too overpowered. This is, pretty clearly, a political purge akin to Stalin or Hitler.

  • Industrial Auxiliaries: available to fanatic authoritarians with a stratified economy and xenophobes. Purged pops give your metallurgists and miners a +10% boon to production (similar to how science directors give a research bonus to existing researchers). The purged pops in this scenario are given extremely dangerous industrial jobs that are essentially death sentences. But hey, someone has to clean the inside of the alloy furnaces.

  • Cultural Annihilation: available to fanatic xenophobes. Purged pops yield +10% unity for enforcer jobs as well as +5% happiness for xenophobe pops. Purged pops are hunted down and executed with a twisted glee, and their total and utter reduction into nothingness is not dissimilar to the sack and salting of Carthage. For lack of a better word, they're erased from the pages of history.

Any further ideas or constructive criticisms of my own suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoyed reading that, because I felt dirty writing it. I think I need to shower and go look at pictures of puppies or something.

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