New ship type ideas

stellaris 8 - New ship type ideas

I know there's probably several mods that cover this but I'd like to put forward a few suggestions anyway.

So I thought it would be cool if there were a few more ship classes based on actual ships

Carrier: These ships are quite large but lack fire power so need to be within a fleet, they instead deal damage through strike craft. There are two types of strike craft, Fighters which have shield penetration and can also attack other strike craft and Bombers which have armour penetration and do bonus damage to ground armies.

Patrol ship: These ships aren't particularly powerful but don't count towards fleet count, they patrol your space to protect trade and stop pirates.


Frigate: These ships are an intermediary between corvettes and destroyers, they can be built straight away like corvettes but have higher costs.

Stealth ship: These act like submarines, they can't be spotted until they fire or if you have a higher sensor tech than the stealth tech of the ship, because of the stealth they can be used to spy on unfriendly empires but if spotted will be fired upon and an event happens if discovered.


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