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stellaris 3 - New to the game

Hey guys so I just got stellaris two weeks ago and this is mostly a vent post.

I like to bottleneck my empires in any 4x game I do and usually on a 1000-1250(mods) star sized map I’ll carve a good 1/6-1/8 of it to myself and hold the 3-5 choke point hyper lanes with fleets and 30k+ stations. While I just slowly reinforce those points i fill in the gaps of exploration and being to “fill out” my empire kinda like growing an outline then filling it with marker.

I don’t mind the resource management as much, I always seem to struggle with it but hey if I go from 50 food per month to -30 and it literally goes back and forth I must be doing something wrong. On virtually every resource except minerals and alloys (which with how often I’m upgrading my stations and fleets and how often I create new outposts I don’t mind) but having to min/max every detail of my worlds is frustrating even more so when you have to deal with the seemly endless streams of unemployment, and again in new to the game so I have a tough time of telling if I just am not good at the game or there is just a sheer amount of micromanaging even for a 4x game


But what I can’t forgive is the claim system for war. I didn’t know about fallen empires going in and there was one all the way to my bottom that went from a 80kish fleet size all the way to nearly 1mil and I barley had them contained I had to divert every ship I had and was constantly building new ones to attack their systems while this bulky 800k fleet just chased my 100k around. 3 hours later and just bit by bit I managed to break them and took the empire and it felt nice and earned, buttt about half an hour before I was done dealing with the fallen empire one of my neighbors declared war on me and kept trying to conquer me, about 5 times he tried to send a fleet and it went after my defense station and 5 times it failed. I can understand war exhaustion playing a part into i had to stop my war a couple of times through what felt lithe stupidest shortest war fatigue timeline ever, like five years went by and I had to almost auto surrender twice. But for some reason I wasn’t able to get a status quo with xeno mcugly face and despite the fact he never once got a single ship past my station because my people are a bunch of puss pusses they got the system and my 150k almost fully upgraded defense station (I use mods because I didn’t like how they couldn’t that well late game) just because they claimed it ? That’s stupid and I had to waste another hour trying to take it back

So pretty much despite all my loose ranting is it the game or me ? Because I genuinely don’t understand why they are able to claim a system and get it with literally no fight despite the face those Xenos couldn’t take it with their weak fleets, and the min/max for the planets and economy is meh I feel the same way about civ but I still enjoy that

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