Newish to stellaris (didn’t follow patch notes) The new economy system is awesome

stellaris 1 - Newish to stellaris (didn’t follow patch notes) The new economy system is awesome

Hey all,

I was taken very much by surprise after downloading 2.2 but after a few hours playing around, I honestly love this new system.

Early game fleets are actually a thing now, as alloy will passively build up that won’t be spent building mining stations/buildings/science ships like before. I also enjoy the need to specifically increase alloy production to build up your military, as opposed to having to just build mines for everything.

It’s also a lot more fun finding new planets, before all I really cared about was the size,terraform if below 80% hab and done. Now I have to go search for a mining, agri and science worlds. It’s also removes the cookie cutter default to shield generator, unity building, spam mines. I’m not the most creative so when the game tells me I can only have 2 mines but 20 farms, I can’t help but think “agri-world”, a nice touch for RP compared to it just being a size 22 planet.


I also enjoy the new requirements for late game ships/weapons. Having rare resources as components makes building a ship with said weapon feel special as you can’t spam them for a few extra minerals over the more standard ships/weapons.

As a final note, does anyone else notice that the AI seems a tad more competent now in regards to fleet building? I could be 100% wrong, but they seem to have a better Naval Cap/Actual Built Fleet balance since this update. Thinking it could be from a new AI introduced for the new economy?

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