Nomad Concept (Considering New POP System)

stellaris 6 - Nomad Concept (Considering New POP System)

So the community has been wanting player controlled Nomad/Marauder empires for a while now but most concepts are no longer viable, so here's my 2.2 viable concept for Nomads with a few possible civics

The world ship we inhabit is as old as the universe we live in, we know not it's origin but it's destiny is clear; all the stars will be it's domain and know it's might.

World Ships

POPs need a place to live but the void is rather… inhospitable to life to say the least. World Ships are the nomadic solution to this problem, a large habitable ship that your POPs can live on.


  • Has a planet tab with a number of named (and buffed) buildings that can be built on it (such as a "mineral synthesizer" which acts in the same way as a mine).
  • Instead of orbiting a star it can enter a "gathering" mode that can provide bonuses and resources that reduce over time, when not being gathered the star regenerates. If completely emptied regeneration takes significantly longer.
  • Gathering mode destroys any structures surrounding the star in question.
  • Gathering mode allows the world ship to build military craft.
  • Can build "support craft" instead of districts, serve the same purpose but exist as separate entities in the same fleet as the world ship, cannot leave the fleet.
  • When the world ship loses all it's health it becomes temporarily disabled.
  • World ship cannot be destroyed normally, must be "boarded" (for all intensive purposes it works like planetary occupation, can be bombarded). Cannot be repaired while bombarded.
  • More world ships can be built at a large expense.
  • Does not have a military value, support craft do.


  • Can raid (attack stations without entering a war) to gain resources, starts the game raiding stance for planets.
  • Has a "Nomad tributary" CB. Upon victory the loser becomes a "nomad tributary" that gives the nomad 25% of their fleet size and 15% of their economy.
  • Any planets in the empire are automatically converted to nomad tributaries.
  • Cannot raid nations with non-aggression pacts, allies or federation members.
  • Fleets can enter a "pirate stance" which allows you to siphon trade income from other empires.
  • Trade routes cannot be utilized.
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  • Military Estate: Assault armies -60% upkeep +30% assault. Before our attention turned to the stars we were a military estate for an oppressive regime, with this experience our military doctrine drives our peoples
  • Imposing Presence: -10% happiness for every shared border. Neighboring empires fear our might, their populations grow discontent and rebellious the longer their state allows us to occupy their borders, perhaps this aggression can benefit us.
  • Exiles and Brigands: +100% immigration pull. We are widely known as a country of opportunity for the "less than desirable" members of other nations, our borders are open to anyone willing to serve.
  • Tradition of War: -20% war exhaustion, -10% when not at war for long periods of time. Our population does not seem to tire from conflict. We cannot disappoint them, can we?

Empire Titles

  • Hetmanate: Spiritualist/Militarist/Egalitarian and not Xenophobic
  • Khanate: Xenophobic
  • Host: Materialist not xenophobic

This concept is meant to play off the new mechanics in an interesting way as well as introduce new but simple mechanics based loosely off of history (primarily Cossacks and Cumans) as well as CK2. I feel like this system could have a number of game changing civics and would be great fun to play while not feeling OP with a few examples above. I honestly would love to play this kind of empire.

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