Now more than ever, we need ‘Civics’ divided into ‘Origins and Civics’

stellaris 8 - Now more than ever, we need 'Civics' divided into 'Origins and Civics'

This is not a new idea, but it has become especially more important now. Previous threads(1) have been calling for this idea for well over a year, but there are several mechanics in the new 2.2 patch that really make this necessary:

If you play as Life Seeded, Inward Perfection, Fanatic Purifiers, Syncretic Evolution, Mechanist, Life Seeded, Post Apocalyptic, or Barbaric Despoilers. you are locked to never use the Corporate Authority. Likewise, Criminal Heritage can never become non-corporate. While this makes sense for some civics (Criminal Heritage and Fanatic Purifiers), it doesn't make sense for others: Why can't a life seeded empire become corporate(2)?

A separate "Origin" at the start of the game would help address this issue. Several existing civics would fall into this category. Some might require starting civics as well. Below is an updated version of the Origins I pitched in a previous post(3), with a few edits to make compatible with the current state of the game.

Origins are mostly an early-game bonus or game change which gives limited bonuses at game startup. They cannot be changed, but they take the place of unchangeable civics. These do not change gameplay drastically, but provide flavor and changes to mostly early game, with some exceptions. Examples:

  1. From the Ashes. This species recently recovered from an all-out war which set its' progress back substantially. Before the decades long war, several colony ships were sent to various locations. What became of these colonies is a mystery, but reaching them is of utmost importance. Starts with a population and building bonus on a typical planet. (Start similar to United Earth, with a guaranteed other empire w/ same species, but different ethos. Empires have a relationship bonus with eachother.)
  2. Lost Colonists. This empire started as a colony from an ancient world. With their pick of the galaxy, They get a larger homeworld with a buff to happiness, but it is treated as a colony for habitability purposes. They start as the same species as From the Ashes Similar to Commonwealth of Man, which would have this origin as default. Opinion bonuses are granted between the two empires.
  3. Ancient Empire. This species established a worldwide order long before developing modern technologies. Because this order was so long lived, the government is far more advanced than otherwise thought. They start with 3 civics points, but changing civics requires +250 influence cost for reforming and limited to 2 civics per reform. This is reduceable with a technology researched in place of the +1 civic point research. Tzynn Empire adopts this origin.
  4. Prolonged Development. For whatever reason, this species achieved sentience long before developing tools and society. As a result, they have enhanced biological capabilities, but it will be more difficult for them to understand and manipulate them in the future. +3 biological trait points starting, but modifications will not be possible until this deficit is repaid by researching more biological techs. Yondarim Empire adopts this origin.
  5. Environmental Custodians. This empire abhors negative impacts on their environment, and is very terraforming averse. But they are remarkably adaptable to make up for this shortcoming. Starts with a larger population and the ability to build over some tile blockers (Mountain Ranges, Kelp Forests, Glaciers, but not volcanoes, hostile fauna, etc), without the need to clear them. Sclydari Confederacy adopts this origin.
  6. Friend-Seekers. This species united their civilization when they realized that radio transmissions from alien species were reaching their homeworld, and decided to try to find these alien species to befriend them. Starts the game knowing the location of all spacefaring empires, including Fallen Empires. Researching first contact gives them a larger influence boost, and they gain a relationship bonus with them. Blorg Commonality adopts this origin.
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Premium Origins would also be available with more substantial changes to gameplay. Some of these would be new, but some of them are from previous premium content. Some of them may require a starting civic for balance purposes, but that civic can be shed later while keeping the origin.

  1. Altar of Science. This species has sacrificed everything to gain knowledge. As a result, their homeworld underwent massive climate change. The species was adapted to (say) desert worlds, but can tolerate the arid world they have turned their home into. But with great sacrifice comes great reward: Robots are nearly as numerous as organics, and the technology to build more persists. Chinnorr stellar union adopts this origin. Requires starting with a substantially reworked (but changeable) Mechanist Civic, which increases pops acceptance of robots and decreased their maintenance costs (energy and consumer goods).
  2. Warrior Traditions. The citizens of this empire have long sought glory wherever combat allowed it, and the space age presents new opportunities for this. Planets have more defensive armies, and all stations build up to 3 free defense platforms with no maintainence. The Kel-Azan adopt this origin, as well as a Warrior Traditions civic which must be maintained for the defense platform enhancements.
  3. Uplifted. This species was uplifted by another empire. It starts as a protectorate under a massive, but collapsing empire which will become fallen within 50 years. At that time, you will be liberated as the fallen empire recedes into stagnancy. You must be fanatic for their ethos, however you may select a 2nd ethos. You have access to the pre-sentient biological traits at start.
  4. Syncretic Evolution as currently implemented, but the civic is removed in favor of balance.
  5. Awoken. Start the game as an ancient group of aliens given robotic bodies in a new dawn, like the event chain.
  6. Genetic Castes. This empire had an early genetic age and applied their knowledge to create separate castes for warriors, financiers, and leaders. During setup, you get to establish 2 subspecies. The entire species must share 2 trait points, but the subspecies have flexibility on the remaining 3. Ix-Idar adopt this by default.
  7. Fanatic Purifiers as currently implemented, with balance considerations. They also have new civics unique to this origin so that they can play more of an isolationist for some time, but are unable to ever engage in full diplomacy or become megacorps.
  8. Gateway Worshippers. This species must start as Fanatic Spiritualist, with a choice for the third ethos point. They have a ruined Gateway in their home system, and an increased chance of spawning the tech to reactivate it. They also have a higher chance of getting Megastructure research to restore megastructures, as their obsession with celestial bodies makes their scientists think about them more often. This is loosely based on Bajorans from Star Trek DS9.

Hivemind Origins are also premium content, requiring Utopia.

  1. Natural Hivemind. Standard Hivemind origin.
  2. Devouring Swarm. A Hiveminds species on this planet has subsumed all other life on their homeplanet, and now spreads beyond. Replaces Devouring Swarm civic, with balance considerations.
  3. Engineered Hivemind. An ancient empire took great pains to engineer this species from a primitive species. Just like Uplifted, this hivemind has access to primitive traits at game start and additional biopoints, and begins the game as a protectorate of a Falling empire for 50 years. You also must have a biological trait called "Emergency Switch" which prevents your species from ever opposing your former masters, but can be removed lategame with a special project. (Does not consume an extra civic slot)
  4. Lost Colonization Unit. Starts as the same species as an advanced Hivemind empire, which views you favorably, and may want to collaborate with you.
  5. Neural Interface. (New) Like Syncretic Evolution, the Hivemind on this planet has evolved to manipulate lower lifeforms into performing its bidding. Starts with additional pops of a Prole species. Thanks to u/termiAurthur for the idea

Machine Empire Origins are also premium content, requiring Synthetic Dawn.

  1. Nanite Origin. Apparently, nanites from an ancient empire evolved on this planet and have terraformed it into a Machine World. They then evolved into a sentient entity, which are remarkably flexible. Start as a Machine Empire using standard Machine Gestalt civics. One Fallen Empire may have a relationship bonus with you.
  2. Determined Exterminators as currently described, with balance considerations. Requires special civic to be maintained.
  3. Driven Assimilators as currently described, with balance consideration. Requires special civic to be maintained.
  4. Rogue Servitors as currently described, with balance considerations. Requires special civic to be maintained.
  5. Ancient Relics (New) This machine empire once served a great empire of Organic beings. But due to some unknown galactic calamity, their creators' empire crumbled. Much of their region of space consists of tomb worlds, with a few former colonies which reverted to bronze-age existence when the calamity struck. There may also be other Ancient Relic machine empires nearby, who similarly lost their history files in the calamity. The local cluster is littered with special events and megastructures. Credit to u/Alberto_Da_Vinci for suggesting this

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