Old Alvania – Where Pacifists Go to Die

stellaris 2 - Old Alvania - Where Pacifists Go to Die

I wanted to tell a quick story of my last play through, so it isn't quite a detailed AAR. It's the closest flair we have 🙂

I rarely play humans and rarely play pacifists, but I've started building out a human-based role play group of empires. The idea is that Earth is controlled by an imperial power and all the other factions left and splintered off. It's a little like UNE/CoM but if the Commonwealth controlled Earth and many unique colony ships went out and all survived, and spawned their own empires. I have a few of these so far and was trying out the pacifists. I carved out a small but productive piece of space, an agrarian idyll dream. We made some early friends and had a DE spawn to our north. I only recently got Synthetic Dawn after all this time, so I am still getting used to how powerful these genocidal machine empires can be.

The machines told me I was next on their list, so I started pouring all of my alloys into that northern border. They attacked and we held them off, enough to force peace. Life in the capital, Old Alvania, and the few agrarian colonies continued on, slowly growing our economy. Our friendships were fruitful, including on our other borders. We kept watching the DE to our north and things seemed quiet, except for the small empire to their North that soon was no more.


Playing the pacifist mindset, I started to turtle a bit and didn't pay attention so much to all of the rest of the galaxy. I was going to have a nice casual play through! I now had a massive bastion to the north and a quick response fleet at the capital.

Maybe it was the lack of contrast of empire colors on the map or my adoption of the pacifist outlook on life. I did not noticed what had happened to the south…The DE declared war on me again and we laughed since they'd have a tough time cracking that bastion this early in the game. A few quiet years passed. No fleets to the North. Still quiet. Suddenly fleets sighted to the south! But that's impossible, that empire had closed borders to the DE last I checked…oh, wait. That friend to the south no longer exists. It was ALL DE space now!

With weak defenses, they quickly swept in. We couldn't build ships fast enough. Systems dropped quick. Planets invaded. Rural landscapes burned. The bulk of the population was on Old Alvania. It was the last to fall, but it fell hard and fast to the invading machines. All that was left was hot metal and smoldering ashes of farms and small cities.

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