Paradox, please consider fixing this – Liberation War is now so overpowered

stellaris 8 - Paradox, please consider fixing this - Liberation War is now so overpowered

This is an account of Liberation Wars and a comparison to Vassalisation Wars.

In Niven, Liberation Wars install a new government with changed Ethics and will reroll Civics when the new government is established. The new empire will be grateful to you and will willingly accept Federation Invitation.

Also in Niven, Vassalisation Wars can be done only if you have unlocked the Domination Tree and is actually stronger than your opponent.

Now, in Le Guin. Vassalisation still has the requirement of being stronger than your opponent. But strength is now calculated with such "fickle" methods. Simply decimating their fleets will make them Inferior or Pathetic. Also, simply owning a Federation Fleet makes quite a difference in calculation.

BUT! We don't need to be stronger than the enemy to start a Liberation War. And instead of just forming a new government with changed Ethics, now, we also change their Civics (even Syncretic Evolution) and WILL install the new government as a Vassal, if settled by Status Quo (with their Capital remains).

So, Liberation Wars are just a buffed version of Vassalisation Wars. Easier to declare, lovelier results (because your new Vassal is grateful to you with +500 Opinions), absolutely no drawbacks, and you gain +50 chance (Not allowing Wars of Aggression) to form a Federation with Pacifists.


So, now only you have a new giant grateful Vassal, the original empire also doesn't have claims on their old systems, so to expand, he has to claim all those systems again. And since score calculation is so rigged now, their decimated fleets mean they will be below you for quite a while and thus not going to become independent.

And waiting for 10 years to integrate the new subject is trivial. First it is cheaper in terms of Influence even without discounts. Second, you don't suffer 10 years of penalty (and such a drain on Consumer Goods and Food during Martial Laws).

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You get your new Vassal, sign a Migration Treaty, and good to go. After 10 years, you integrate them. Instead of gaining a new member for the Federation, you just grow fat by taking all their stars and planets in integration after 10 years. And you will become the President due to suddenly having gained high financial scores.

This is so much better than both Claims and actual Vassalisation.

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