Paradox’s Mod Manager is Bad so I made my own that is (slightly) Less Bad.

stellaris 3 - Paradox's Mod Manager is Bad so I made my own that is (slightly) Less Bad.

So I was bored the past few days at work and decided "I have a copy of Visual Studio 2010 and rudimentary knowledge of C# programming." And thus 'Kilroy' was born. Named after the Song that got stuck in my head because I jokingly sang "I am a Mod Manager" to myself while initially thinking of the project and planning it out, and with internal programming nomenclature to complement this stupidity, I give it to ye here and now;


"But JCVocke, You're just some random nerd on a Reddit. Your Mod Manager is probably Terrible!"

Yeah Probably. Still better than the Paradox Manager.

"But Why? I mean I've looked into the source code included in the zip and you don't even have any Try-Catch Blocks! And your UI looks like it was made in 1993! You Don't even have Drag and Drop!!"

True. But here are some Awesome, 'New', "Exciting", ""Amazing"", """""REVOLUTIONARY""""" features that my Mod Manager does have which Paradox's Mod Manager doesn't have;

  • The ability to display more than 6 mods at a time. (48 at default resolution).
  • A specific "Activated Mods" list to give you an at-a-glance look at ONLY the Activated Mods.
  • A RESIZABLE UI!!!!! By Default my Mod Manager has a size of 1024×670 pixels of Window Space. "That's an oddly specific number!" You're right! It's the exact same screen space as Paradox's Mod Manager. See, I understand wanting your Launcher to be usable even on tiny Laptop Screens. That's fine. A Commendable Effort. But I want to be able to use my entire TV Screen, with its not-even-actually-that-big-anymore 1920×1080 Pixels of Space. Paradox's Mod Manager can't be resized at all (as far as I can tell). But mine can, you can re-size it to any size you want and even just Maximize the thing through my cunning and brilliant use of this revolutionary new Programming Tool called "Windows Forms".
  • Also I made the default size the same as Paradox's just to really hammer home how many more mods my Manager can display. Like seriously Paradox I have 159 Mods installed. "Oh displaying 6 mods should probably be enough." Asuka_PatheticDotJaypeg
  • Speaking of amazingly revolutionary Programming Tools, My Mod Manager makes use of the dangerous and HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL Technology known as ""Buttons"" to provide extended Mod Order Control, including the ability to just select a mod and slam it to the top or bottom of your Load Order with a single button press.
  • Or the ability to just select a mod, press a button, and then specify the exact Mod Order Index you want that mod to have!
  • Then there's the most dangerous and forbidden of all Mod Manager techniques; A Dedicated Button (Sort Alpha) that will Instantly Sort your Mod Load Order Alphabetically!!!!!!
  • Also Keyboard Controls.

So now here's how to use it. This is pulled right from the _Readme.txt file in the archive so you can also just read this all there.

########## INSTALL:

Just place the Kilroy.exe file into your Stellaris Documents Directory. IE; C:Users<YOURUSERNAMEHEREDocumentsParadox InteractiveStellaris

The File should be alongside these three core files;

  • mods_registry.json : This file stores all of your installed Mod Definitions. The App reads from this file but SHOULD NOT WRITE TO IT.
  • game_data.json : This file stores your Mod Load Order. The Application will both Read and Write from and to this file.
  • dlc_load.json : This file stores which Mods are actually Activated as well as De-Activated DLC. The Application will both Read and Write from and to this file.
########## USAGE:

Run the Application. It should Auto-Populate the list of Installed and currently Enabled Mods into the Right and Left Lists Respectively. If it does not, then I would open the Paradox Launcher, go to Manage Mods, and then immediately hit "Done" and this should re-write the files in question. If you encounter further problems feel free to yell at me in Reddit PMs. (JCVocke)


(Consult the accompanying Image _Readme.png to see what each number section below refers to)

1: This Lists your currently ACTIVE Mods 2: Lists ALL DOWNLOADED MODS * Each Entrie lists information in the following order, Left to Right; A -: An "X" at the very left of the entry denotes that the mod is Activated B -: The Index of the Mod in the List in question. THESE LISTS US A BASE 0 INDEX BECAUSE PROGRAMMING. C -: The Mod File. This is the file that appears in the Stellarismod folder. Note that in the case of Steam Mods, the Numbers in this Mod File correspond to the ID of the Mod, and also the folder the Mod's actual zip archive is stored in under "SteamAppsworkshopcontent281990". Feel free to use this to help find specific mod files so that you can tear them open and cannibalize them for code. D -: The Version Number of the game that the Mod Supports. Not all mods will have this because reasons. Literally for some mods the version number just doesn't appear in the mods_registry.json file. My Local Mods don't have this even though my .mod file appears to have the correct entries. There's also the problem that they just arbitrarily changed the format of the .mod file even though it doesn't actually store any additional data in its new form. If there's one thing that's consistent with Paradox it is that they are Not Consistent. E -: The Mod's Name, as it will appear in The Launcher. 3: Re-Loads your existing Mod Order. The Application Auto-Executes this process on starting, but this will let you restart if you mess something up. You shouldn't need to do that because this Manager cannot delete Mod Data, only re-organize it and choose which mods are active, but I had space for another button so whatevs. Will completely overwrite all current data in the application. it is functionally identical to closing the app and re-launching it. 4: Saves your currently defined Mod Order. Will completely overwrite the Mod Order you currently have saved in your mod files, but will not touch the Mod Definitions File (mods_registry.json). 5: These buttons Activate and De-Activate mods. YaACT means Activate. DeACT means De-Activate. Select means the mod you currently are selecting in the Right List. YaACT Select will take the selection from the All Mods List. DeACT Select works whether you are selecting a mod in the All Mods List or the Active Mods List. YaACT All and DeACT ALL Activate and De-Activate All Mods. 6: These buttons Re-Order your Mod List. They currently Only Work when selecting something in the All Mods List. Move to Top, Up 1, Down 1, and Down Bottom are self explanatory. Up #, Down #, and Move To # will prompt you to input a number. Up # and Down # will move the Mod up or down the number specified, Move To # will move the mod to that Index, displacing the current mod at that index down and re-flowing the Mod List Naturally. 7: Auto-Sorts your Mod Load Order Alphabetically. In my tests it seemed to correctly reproduce the Pre-2.4 Mod Load Order. 
########## KEYBOARD CONTROLS !!!1!!1!1!

Click to select an entity in the All Mods List. From there, you can navigate Up with Up/Left and Down with Down/Right. Press Enter to toggle the Activated status of the selected mod. Hold Control and press Down/Up to Move the Selected Mod Down or Up. Left and Right do NOT move Mods even when holding Control. If you Hold Down Up/Down while holding Control it will just keep moving down or up, but only if you sing Eurotech and Drift in your chair while doing it.

########## MODIFICATIOn

Full Source Code is included. It was primarily written in Visual Studio 2010 but I fixed some stuff up in Xamarin Studio. It should still be fine in either. Feel free to make any modifications you want, just try to keep my COMPLETELY PROFESSIONAL AND STRAIGHTFORWARD NAMING SCHEME THAT I DIDN'T ABANDON AT THE END ANYWAYS SHUT UP.

I'mmn Gud Progrmmer.

Respond to this thread or PM me if you encounter errors.

Now I've got a Silvery Boy I need to go and beat up a lot. ""King of the Skies"" PFFFFTTTTT <Laughs in Insect Glaive

It's Over!!

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