Patch 2.6 “Verne” Notes: What They Actually Mean

stellaris 6 - Patch 2.6 "Verne" Notes: What They Actually Mean

"Give an alien a fish, and he will eat for a day. Pass sanctions making him dependent on your fish exports and you can subjugate his entire species."

-Jules Verne (probably)

Federations Expansion Features

  • Form new types of federations that you could, theoretically, level up to gain new perks in some crazy alternate universe in which it was possible to ever get all members to agree on anything.

  • Join the Galactic Community and pass resolutions by voting with the rest of the Community to make the galaxy a better place for every…. pffffft, sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face through all of that. I know you're just going to use your diplomatic might to place self-serving sanctions on your enemies that you can now enforce without having to commit your material resources to it.

  • Origins represent a new way to give everyone else in the galaxy some clues about why you're like this.

  • Juggernauts represent the next step in the arms race to see who can compensate the hardest for feelings of inadequacy about their .

  • The Mega Shipyard is a new Megastructure that makes it even easier to forget that ships other than corvettes are even a thing.

2.6.0 "Verne" Free Features

  • Envoys have been added to the game, mini-leaders who drew the short straw and have to go see if they can teach the Thalnokk Blood Clans about the power of friendship before they lay waste to your entire civilization.

  • Envoys can be deployed to a federation or the Galactic Community to lobby in the back rooms for your traditional, cultural rights to turn sentient beings into a wholesome nutrient slurry.

  • Empires may now have a Diplomatic Stance such as Fuck You, Leave Us The Fuck Alone, Let's Fuck, and We're The Fucking Best.

  • A progress bar in the diplomacy view will now show you just how much your neighbors are blowing it way out of proportion that you turned a bunch of their people into a wholesome nutrient slurry.

  • You can now get Titan Hunter jobs on planets with Titanic Life because we thought that sounded pretty fuckin' metal.

  • The Commonwealth of Man, or as I like to call them, the Sackville Baginses of space, will now always spawn if you're playing as the UNE.

  • Strike craft should, theoretically, no longer be absolute ass.

  • As long as a clear path exists, fleet reinforcements will now spawn in the target fleet after a certain amount of time instead of flying one by one through contested space in the presence of massive Unbidden contacts.

  • Terravores will now get a notification reminding them they're bad and they should feel bad when the Consume Planet decisions completes.

  • Non-cyborg organics on a planet when it's terraformed into a Machine World will now be made into a wholesome nutrient slurry. (I didn't plan for this joke to pay off here. It kind of just worked out that way. The devs are way more sadistic than my imagination.) Determined Exterminators will be super stoked about this and gain a bunch of Unity.

  • Confiscated advanced personal teleporters from certain leaders after they were overheard in their quarters repeating, "The hunger… the HUNGERRRRRRR!" and cackling madly.

  • Added Docile and Unruly traits to distinguish between species that are total brainwashed sheeple and the ones who know the REAL truth and they've got 9.5 hours of YouTube videos to show you about it.

  • Added Bureaucrat governor trait that increases admin cap from bureaucrat jobs by +10% and he's probably tons of fun at parties.

  • Added two new archaeology sites because apparently you guys haven't learned your lesson about poking weird alien shit with a stick yet.


  • Xenophile empires are now better at forcing their self-serving policies through the Senate under the pretense of camaraderie.

  • Gestalt Empires are less likely to be picked to host the Galactic Stock Exchange because the non-gestalt traders were really creeped out by how all the drones are constantly eyeing them and the fact that they were pretty sure their planetside "accommodations" were breathing on them while they slept.

  • Philosopher King now makes it less likely that your rulers will become spice addicts. Or at least, they'll make some effort to hide it better in public. That story about the nosebleeds being caused by your "super-powered hero brain" only works so many times.

  • Awakened Empires have finally conceded that sometimes you have to land on a planet to conquer it instead of glassing it from orbit for years and periodically asking if they give up yet.

  • Khanate Successors now recognize the importance of iPhones, even to a marauding horde of bloodthirsty ultra-badasses. You gotta be able to post those pics of your latest glory kill to insta.

  • After hearing some really stellar testimonials about it from the squishies, Lithoids who go down the genetic ascension path can now give themselves the ability to have sex.

  • Don't think about that last one for too long. Trust me. I'm now wishing I hadn't written it.

  • Reduced research cost of the "Hallucinogen Removal" project. Turns out you can just fire Joe Rogan into a black hole and the problem will resolve itself over time.

  • Gaia Worlds can no longer get certain hazardous modifiers, because no one likes to discover paradise and then realize that it actually kind of sucks.

  • Added the "Indentured Servitude" slavery type, which is a great solution if you want to have slaves but you feel like it's bad marketing if you call them slaves.

  • You're still thinking about the genetically-modified rock dicks, huh? Yeah, me too. Sorry…

  • Tweaked the cost of the "Probe the Void" Project. May or may not be related to rock dicks.

  • Barbaric Despoilers can now found federations, as long as the federation type is pretty brütal.

  • Lowered the duration of the "Scared Populace" modifier from 20 years to 5. At least until they hear about the rock dicks.

  • Having Empire Sprawl over your Administrative Cap no longer modifies Leader Upkeep because if they don't want to do more work for the same amount of pay, the airlock is that way.

  • Ascetic civic now also increases habitability because your spiritual teachings have granted you the wisdom to understand that consistently sub-freezing temperatures during most of the solar cycle, near-constant 95-kilometer-per-hour winds and a large population of ravenous sky sharks are merely the crucible in which our souls are shepherded toward enlightenment.

  • Divided Attention civic now increases the time it takes me to finish typing up patch notes by +10% instead of +20%

  • Pooled Knowledge civic now increases leader experience gain by +10% instead of increasing leader pool by +1, because it turns out it's better to share knowledge about actual science and stuff instead of knowledge of your cousin Ted who has a really great app idea and we should totally bring him on board.

  • Criminal Syndicates can now form and join federations because everyone else in the galaxy is basically doing the same shit. They just all have a piece of paper saying they're allowed to do it.

  • Lithoids are less likely to take up gardening just for the hell of it. They've got better ways to relieve stress thanks to the new modifications.

  • Misting a planet with plague is now somewhat frowned upon by factions that also take issue with other forms of what PR has asked us to refer to as "expedient" bombardment.

  • Pacifist ethics now reduce empire sprawl from pops by -15%/-30% but also increase passive-aggressive posts on Nextdoor by the same amount.

  • Auto-Curating Vault now increases culture worker output because the thing pretty much runs itself and you just need one dude at the front desk to yell "No running!" at the kids in the primary school group as they come storming through the door like a hyperactive tide of chaos.

  • Calculator pops in machine empires now run on electricity like everyone else, instead of being coal-powered for some reason.

  • Relaxed the ethical restrictions on the Slaver Guild civic to accommodate empires that are making use of the new PR bullshit offered by Indentured Servitude.

  • Envoys are sent home when their origin country enters war against their host country instead of sticking around trying to explain how their leaders "didn't mean anything by it."

  • Denouncement resolutions can now only be proposed against rivals or empires you have poor relations with. You don't get to hang with my crew if you're gonna play like that.

Performance and Stability

  • Late game is now Playable on most PCs (increased from Unplayable)

  • Planets being infested should be considered 'technically colonizable', the best kind of colonizable.



  • Planetary administrators reporting back about the housing and amenity availability on a given world should no longer ignore such minor factors as "reality".

  • The tooltip describing why you cannot colonize planets outside your borders only tells you the reason once, no matter how much you whine "But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?" Also that guy at the desk told you no running! For the Worm's sake, Joey, I will make you wait on the hoverbus…

  • Science ships that can't escape from a bad situation will now have their comms cut off automatically after the first 30 seconds of constant screaming.

  • Traumatized and Maimed trait icons now have red backgrounds because I guess we have to give a shit now. These minions are exhausting.


  • Improved all Crisis AIs, giving each a unique "style" of exterminating all you hold dear. #BeYou #DoYourThing #SelfLove #InterstellarGenocide

  • Fleet AI should consider attacking fleets right outside its borders. You would think that would have already been a thing. But you would think a lot of things about the Stellaris AI that were not previously true.

  • AI is now slightly better at understanding that there are problems where the solution is neither "All the ships" nor "None of the ships."

  • Fixed some cases with buildings where the AI might end up with a deficit in a strategic resource or specific jobs and be like, "Well, I guess we're just fucked."

  • AI will no longer rush fleets that have taken no armor or hull damage back for repairs because I guess they didn't realize shields recharge on their own.

  • AIs will no longer build habitats if the system already has one that has not yet been colonized in some sort of scheme to manipulate offworld housing prices.

  • Contingency will now be able to handle the case of not being spawned next to the empire it wants to destroy instead of sitting around complaining how terrible traffic is going to be on the way to the genocide.

  • Four years after release, the AI has discovered the Merge Fleet button.

  • Default AI will now only consider capital and chokepoints as candidates to park defensive fleets instead of wherever the hell they were considering "defensible" before now.


  • Fixed issue when empty habitats colonized by the Prethoryn weren't being dismantled and just drifted around swarming with bugs like some kind of… space hulk

  • Ships that are built without being part of a fleet template due to certain edge cases will no longer follow their null orders literally and just punch it into the surface of the nearest moon with the whole crew compliment nodding dutifully.

  • A Lithoid nation now knows how to clear Hibernating Lithoid blockers: by yelling down into the crater that they discovered this great new pastime involving dicks.

  • Fixed pops getting enslaved and freed and enslaved again all the time. It was lots of fun while it lasted, gents.

  • An empire rebelling against an overlord that conquers a planet not belonging to their overlord will no longer automatically absorb the world into the rebellion after corrupting the locals against their own rulers with their punk rock music and alluring, devil-may-care attitude.

  • Serviles can no longer be enforcers or duelists after too many were hospitalized from trying to eat their service weapon.

  • Driven Assimilators will now begrudgingly allow cyborgs from species with especially efficient meat-brains to work in the labs instead of throwing them onto an assembly line.

  • Cowards who close the Dimensional Portal will now get less science from it, as a punishment for their lack of ambition.

  • Significantly increased the likelihood that robots with power drills traits will actually work as miners. It turns out industrial mining appendages are not great at manufacturing small electronics.

  • Changed volume for various Lithoid assets. If you thought your carbon-based neighbors who are always having loud sex were bad…

  • Criminal Syndicates can no longer make the Shard Dragon an offer it can't refuse. I don't know what made you think that would work. If the Shard Dragon wants to refuse, it's going to refuse. Spectacularly.

  • You can no longer continue to observe primitives who were just destroyed by a planet cracker. It's kinda funny to see their scorched corpses floating through space, but you're not going to get a paper published in Galactic Anthropology Quarterly about it no matter how hard you try.

  • Archaeological trap events which kill the leader now show the leader's name correctly in the event text instead of being like, "Oh no, we lost… Craig? Was his name Craig? I feel like he looked like a Craig. Hell, it's a big galaxy. I can't remember all of these assholes."

  • Caravaneers will no longer fail to sell you something, leave your space, come back two months later with the same shit, and be like, "Okay but what about now?"

  • Fixed a rare case where the event "Party Aftermath" could produce a half-breed between members of the same species. Procreating with your own kind… fucking disgusting.

  • You no longer need to mash the KILL button fucking immediately to prevent tragically losing your chance to exterminate the Subterraneans forever.

  • Tweaked Prosperous Unification planetary modifier to make some Preset Empires less crime-ridden. It turns out by "Prosperous" we actually meant it was a pretty unpopular campaign of global conquest.

  • The Prethoryn will no longer go, "Fuck, better try another galaxy…" if you rekt the vanguard too quickly. They came a long way, dammit.

  • If all primitive pops on a planet have been abducted, researchers will no longer be required to stick around and scan for stragglers. We need you guys back on the capital to yell at the fucking kids running around in the Auto-Curating Vault.

  • The Worm will no longer pick favorites when "improving" a binary or trinary star system. Its love is universal.

  • Curator Order no longer makes up mysterious "secret Leviathans" if all Leviathans are known to the Player to maintain their sense of intrigue.

  • Lithoid rulers in a Democracy should no longer issue Food Growth or Aggressive Agriculture mandates if their country does not actually use food for any reason. They'll hold off on that until the modifications are done and they have to wine and dine the squishies…

  • Rulers in a democracy will only issue Energy Infrastructure, Planetside Mining, and Aggressive Agriculture mandates if you own a planet that can complete them, applying a degree of sensible and logical planning to campaign promises that we will hopefully achieve in our real world by 2200.

  • Underground Vault special project outcome no longer gated by having 50 free housing. You spent centuries in a fucking box, so this shack next to the volatile motes plant should feel like a step up. Beggars can't be choosers.

  • Fixed a rare issue where a crime event could fire on a planet being colonized. Can you degenerates at least fucking wait until we get some shelters up to start nicking shit?

  • The Repugnant trait on maintenance drones now correctly reduces amenities generated instead of increasing them. Unless you're into that.

  • Brexit button in the Galactic Community should now correctly cost between 100 and 500 influence, and even then that assumes a level of competence in the involved proceedings unheard of in our reality.

  • No longer possible to ghost an empire that asked to join your Federation. At least send them a card or something.

  • Fallen Empires should no longer occasionally send their envoys to improve or harm relations with you. That would be like if I went outside right now and tried to explain to some ants how much I appreciate their contributions to society. Get over yourselves.

  • Adding an RP biography no longer hides the icon for your empire's origin. Some of us just want a tl;dr of your fanfiction, dude.

  • Lithoid portraits that were using incorrect sounds now use the correct ones, but again, you probably don't want to think about what they mean.

Hey, thanks for reading all the way to the end! The patch notes rewrites generally take me around 2-3 hours. I do this for fun and it will never feel like a waste of time even if I make nothing, but if I can at least break even compared to other things I could have spent that time on, I might be able to conquer the world sooner. Consider helping fund this nonsense at

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