Peace vs. Cold War

stellaris 5 - Peace vs. Cold War

So, something I really like from the endless series is the differentiation between peace and cold war. After having been blocked on certain border issues for awhile, it has me thinking about how little sense it makes that I can't cross this imaginary line in space because 'reasons'.

After thinking about it a bit, I wonder if we'll ever be able to see a system where, diplomatically, you can set yourself to ignore the borders of another civilization, and risk the diplomatic costs. Here's how I'd like it to work at least:

Depending on what you have set for First Contact Policy, you either start at Peace or Cold War with other empires. In order to form a Non-Aggression Pact, you must first be at peace. (as an aide, the difference between Non-Aggression vs. Peace is that you can still decide to declare war at peace, where if you break a NAP, you cause a 10-year truce).

While at Peace, the game plays as normal, and you default to respecting soverign boundries.

However, while in cold war, you are able to enter that empire's territory at-will. Your ships count as hostile to the opposing empire, and both sides can engage in military combat.

I would even go so far as to say you can invade other empires and attack Starbases, but with the following changes:


While in a state of cold war, when you attack another empire's starbase, you should be prompted to 'Declare War?'. If you don't, then you cannot occupy the territory – if you defeat the starbase, it simply remains disabled at 0, and no resources in the system are sent to the empire until you vacate the zone. As far as colonies, I would say that you HAVE to declare war to invade a colony.

Now, the last part of this system that I think would be needed to work is that you need to apply some opinion modifiers:

– Entering the territory of another nation without permission should give you a malus (depreciating yearly)

– You should get a malus whenever you attack a fleet in its home territory (depreciating each year

– While occupying a system while in a state of cold war, you have a static malus PER SYSTEM (until you leave)

Also, as an aside to this, I'm ove the opinion that you should be able to break truces at any time, but with two conditions:

– You need to spend influence calculated based on the time remaining in order to do so (in order to sway the public to do a very dangerous and dishonest act.

– You also gain a very large opinion malus – possibly one large enough to cause other empires to War Dec you.

I think with just these few changes, a lot of the diplomatic relationships between empires would be more dynamic.

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