Perspective from a new player of the series (console edition) for those who may be on the fence

stellaris 4 - Perspective from a new player of the series (console edition) for those who may be on the fence

I want to start off by saying I am pretty much an amateur to a semi-decent player when it comes to RTS games in general.

I have played multiple civ games and very much enjoyed those, player mount and blade series and enjoyed that; even though that's more of an rpg mixed into an rts. Those games scratched the itch for me and I was content with them.

Then a few weeks back by chance I happened across this game by word of mouth in passing. I saw it was coming to console. I never knew this game existed and had no idea what it was about. I frantically watched videos like:

and I read the wiki and this very sub for hours on in.

So, let's fast forward to release day, I got home from work and instantly bought the game, while it was downloading, I continued to watch the beginners guide to keep fresh on what I learned.

I spent a full hour customizing my empire. You see it on face value and think the choices will be easy, but once you get your hands on the game, you will be memorized by all the choices you can make for your new empire. This game literally gives you so much control of almost every detail of your new empire. If you like in-depth customization, this is for you. If you don't care for it, you can either randomize your empire or play as a pre-created one. Paradox has literally thought of every type of gamer here and it really shows.

Once that is done you can can customize some aspects of this sandbox experience. Size, number of AI empires, fallen empires, etc. Really good control here and worth paying attention to, video linked above goes over this pretty well.


Playing, you instantly will be hit with if you want a full tutorial (if you're new to rts/this game probably a decent idea, you can turn it off), some tips, or none. I went with the full tutorial until I got my barings.

The detail in how you can micro-manage your empire is a very nice touch, the researching of new techs/advancement is easy and straight forward, I absolutely love how I can set up class systems within my own empire, really gives a real touch, exploration is very straight forward, and managing resources are simple enough. For those new guys like me, Energy and minerals are literally your best friend in early game from my experience thus far. If you see planets with resource nodes, get that construction ship fired up and going to it.

I absolutely am in love with how random events happen. It makes the game feel alive and keeps you engaged at all times. In a lot of rts' it's a waiting game, and while I see that can happen here at times, the Random Events keep things very fresh.

If I could rewind back time, I'd buy this game again in a heart beat. The controls are great, very easy to use a controller with(There were a few times I was misclicking, but for the most part pretty spot on), the gameplay is engaging, the graphics are nice. You can see the quality and care Paradox took when making this game. It really shows.

As someone who was never a fan of sci-fi type games, I can tell you this, this game is beyond just a sci-fi game, it is hard to put into words how much enjoyment I have had thus far from the game.

I know what I have said above is old news to many in this sub and I am in the early game, but for anyone who might be on the fence about getting this game for console, I hope I helped some.

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